Perch Kitchen + Bar Enters Davao Food Scene

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I've always had this notion that unless these high-end and franchised restaurants provide monthly promos or cheap offerings they will struggle in the business. That's just because Davaoenos have this peculiar mindset when it comes to food. This is just my observation though. We will pay for a fancy dinner but the food has to be really good and for reasonable price. And reasonable most of the time translates to cheap. 

But in just about 2 or 3 years, the rules have already changed. As Davao's economy continues to grow, the food scene also flourishes with innovative and Davao custom-made food choices on restaurants. Seasonal food and lifestyle night markets and bazaars also helped in the so transition. Food tourism and social media helped shape a new standard. And I could say that right now, Davaenos are more adventurous and are more inclined to dine on fancy restaurants especially on a Paycheck Friday.

But of course if you put together good food, quality service and an unparalleled marketing strategy you will surely have the attention of Davao's gastronomes. And here comes the newest gastropub in Metro Davao, the Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is currently on soft opening and is easy to find given that Felcris Mall had just opened to the public this year. The dining room had a high ceiling, wood-paneled walls and the counter displayed a combo of black and gold giving a much needed elegance to the contemporary look and feel of the restaurant. It was kinda dim but I guess that's just because most bars are but the lighting makes it hard for us bloggers to get good food photos especially those who are only using their camera phones. And you just can't help but share good food photos on Facebook and Instagram, right? So a lighting fix would do wonders. <3

The Food

I'm not a fancy food type of guy so I don't know exactly what to expect but when I got there some of the food were already served. I may have missed a brief introduction especially about the food we're going to eat but I guess that's what a menu is for. When I scanned through the menu I didn't know a thing! So I just told myself "This will be a fancy dinner.".

Starters included panko crusted oyster sisig, truffle fries, el diablo fries, salted and candied bacon chips, beer battered mozzarella puffs, spicy fingers and smokey thyme tenders. Now, if you read through that tongue twister I applaud you! Among these my favorites are the oyster sisig and the El Diablo fries simply because of the remarkable tang of their sauces. Any person would surely love the salted and candied bacon. Like duh!? Bacon is bacon!

Mozzarella Puffs

El Diablo Fries

Pizzas were also served and they were kind of the main focus because of the presentation. It wasn't circular like most pizzas. Also, the arugula pizza smelled kind of strong. So I passed. I've always considered pizza to be that guilt-inducing, meaty, cheesy, oily and sacred fun food and putting those leafy stuff on top was a way of saying I have to watch my diet. It was new for me and I don't know; But the other bloggers finished it so I can only imagine how much they enjoyed it. The other pizzas were three cheese truffle, longcheelog and kaldereta pizza and they were all great.

Truffsilog or truffled angus beef tapa + silog was almost the deal of the night until they served the perch rising sun angus burger steak. If anything, Perch should be the go-to place of every "Burger" people. The yolk on top along with the onion gives a Mediterranean punch and the cripsy fries/garlic or whatever that is, I'm sorry I didn't ask, will make your every bite climactic.

Another favorite is the Osso Bocco Risotto which was a four-fecta of the stew, beef bone marrow. bread and the risotto! The same goes for the rest of their mains which includes of Grilled Salmon And Cheese Risotto, Whiskey Barbecue Chops, Deep Fried Burrito in Squash Sauce and Stuffed Chicken Leg Quarter. I feel the need to mention Perch's Stuffed Chicken Leg Quarter for it seems to be "the crowd favorite".

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For snacks, you can never go wrong with their Smoked Bacon Carbonara and Angus Basic Meatball Pasta. Pair either one of it with the Angus Cheeseburger Pao, another favorite among the sandwiches and the result is just gratifyingly tasty. There was a dessert-looking burger that I have been keeping an eye on the moment it was put on the table. Of course I didn't know it was burger. At first, it looked like a strawberry shortcake but I was really surprised by the revelation. I mean, it was about time for dessert and it had muffins for buns! It was The Choricheese burger and it's nothing short of amazing!

Overall, my experience at Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar is topnotch. The service is good and the food takes you to a festival of flavors. When I first got the invite to this food tasting event I thought Perch means the fish (Perch) but their logo resembles that of a bird so I thought okay food chain. Just kidding. But then, perch has another meaning and it's a high elevated branch advantageous for birds. And Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar lives up to its meaning. A place where people can go 'perching' and prey on their exquisite food choices.

Open Monday - Sunday 5pm to 2pm
2nd Floor Al Fresco, Felcris Centrale, Quimpo Blvd, Davao City
Check their facebook page for more information!

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