Living in the Third World

2:06 AM

I open my blog when I get emotional. My blog and my ability to smith words into subsequent strings and paragraphs is my only weapon to this vicious world. Perhaps, I was given this skill to share to my friends, readers or maybe to the world a different perspective - a different light - of how life is, here in the Philippines.

The thing is, I live this seemingly 'okay' life but actually isn't. You can always alter your life online but when you failed to pay your internet bill - you will most likely reflect all the things you've seen and posted - even evaluate your true feelings.

Problems arise from here and there and when shit hits the ceiling. We are no different than those people who we think struggles more than us. The truth is the majority refers to themselves as survivors. Our parents taught us how to survive. And for us, that's just the end of it. The world just means survival.

And that's what I think that's wrong! Man this is not The Walking Dead! No, not yet.

Sunset . Bankerohan Public Market. (c) Cinegang Productions
We take different ways and we gamble even if we get ourselves lost. That's how we live. A life of uncertainty and a life that easily crumbles when you become vulnerable. We weren't taught how to get rich and people always look for others to blame. We blame ourselves and then the government. While the latter is up to debate. Why would you waste your time expressing yourself to our corrupt politicians? Their ears are dead to the poor unless they plan on running again.
 Years have passed and still, we learn nothing. We just keep on fighting even if there's no fight to fight. We sometimes think we are being oppressed when we are not. I know this won't make sense to you. And I know I sound a little emotional than I should and that's why I can't tell you exactly where this is going. I also can't tell you what happened prior this but I can tell you one thing. Today, I witnessed how money actually makes the world go round. That's the truth.

We would probably mock scripted shows depicting an exaggerated poor vs rich scenario but when you think about it - it's the truth. And we can't always blame the rich because they stand - and they will - for what would make their lives more convenient. Convenience. An image of a happy family in a big house full of elaborate details, expensive furniture, maids scrubbing the floor, drivers flirting with the maids and guards sleeping by the gate waiting for you to honk a million times.

 On the other side of the coin, is an image of a family struggling and wanting just enough to make ends meet. Surviving. Or maybe even more so that the financial burdens they bear may be dissolved and live a simple life. A small house in a subdivision with a front yard full of flowers and happy people. Happiness.

Happiness isn't a prerequisite to wealth. Get real! It's the other way around.

The only reason why the majority looked happier is because they savor the slightest amount of happiness they can find. And that's not necessarily a good thing. But do you think they're really happy? No. When they get back to their homes after a gossip session with their backstabbing neighbor reality creeps in and they just have to do something. They live in the now. Apparently, survival ain't enough.

Surviving ain't living. And I choose to live.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Glad I was able to read your comment through my email. Whatever your reason for deleting that I respect. Haha. We happen to share the same sentiments tho. :)

  2. Life is truly unfair and we know once. Take note that the world wasn't made for you, it was made for everyone and expect unpleasant people along the way. I've learned that after entering the 'real' world. It really is hard, Mark I tell you, but you'll get used to it. Even if I'm working on my dream job/career, there are some people within your work environment who would try to pull you down. But I don't care at all. As long as I didn't do anything wrong, I wouldn't mind. Waste of energy and time. #WhoGoat

    1. #WhoGoat jud masyado Renz! Hahaha. Yeah, I'm kind of in between the real world and the wizarding world now so I can get a taste of real world problems din from time to time. Labad. Hahaha. Thanks sa mga tips! I'll ready myself nalang jud anyway the world has a lot to offer man din. Positive thinking nalang! :)

  3. Wow ang lalim naman nun.

    Life is really unfair. hay Ako I just think positive all the time. Sounds cliche but it is important. I practice gratitude nalang.

    And as I age, I've come to realize the importance of not-really giving a sh*t about what others think about me. Basta ako I do my best and I just let go of the rest. With the way you write, you're so full of wisdom at a very young age. :)

  4. Hello markable, this is my first time to visit here in your blog. well, i understand what you share here in your blog post. Always remember that God is good and one day life will be fair. Always remember your deepest reasons why you need to smile everyday.