A Night at La Vie Parisienne

2:56 PM

Paris is known to be the most romantic city in the world as per pop culture. Hollywood made sure we know of that through nearly every romantic film we stumble across. Have you seen Midnight in Paris? Before Sunrise? An American in Paris by Vicente Minnelli in 1951? Need I say more? And I don't  know why - I haven't been to Paris - but I wonder what's up with people romanticizing that the city is 'that' magical.

I guess I would only find out when I get there but not now. I mean, if I could stay in Paris for the rest of my life, trust me, I would. Unfortunately I couldn't just book a ticket and go all the way to Paris. Okay. That ain't happening just because I want to, even if I really want to.

That's not to say that I haven't tried to get a taste of Paris in any form or way here in our place. I mean, French cuisine, art exhibits, old bookstores, a walk on a cobblestone streets, even my playlist is practically screaming Paris with the Hugo Cabaret soundtrack. French fries, anyone?

But do you know the place I've been to that maybe rings a bell or comes close with Paris? Of course you don't unless you're reading this right now and you learn that in my stay at Cebu I've been to the acclaimed La Vie Parisienne. 

Well, I'm just saying I've been there. I didn't really order anything because you know I'm allergic to alcohol. Also, I was too full for a croissant which was only P25 btw and I - don't be judgy - I was saving for a trip to Bantayan Island for the next day.

Even if I was too tired to actually go anywhere that night I thought it won't hurt to experience a night life in Cebu. Like at least once in maybe a long while. I mean that's what visitors ought to do, right? And my buddies were talking about the place like it was a real deal or something. What choice do I have? A blogger never rests. And man! La Vie Parisienne lived up to the hype!

From the artificial cherry trees with leaves glowing like it's spring or Christmas or whatever and to the clinking of glasses of wine. Ceci est la bombe! They have friggin cherry trees, man! Even if it's fake who in the right mind would not feel welcome in there with those cherry friggin trees giving you a cheery vibe. Okay, bad pun!

The Lhuillers probably had a good time in Paris that their French Bakery, Deli and Wine Library were designed to make you feel like you're in Paris even if you haven't been there yet. Forgive me for not taking any French language class but I just found out La Vie Parisienne literally translates to Parisian Life. Oh, well! Now we know. Hahaha. So, there's the smell of freshly-baked croissants to fill your lungs and they also have this wine library where a pose seems mandatory.

Yeah, I kind of belonged, right!?
In case you're wondering, I haven't really gotten a chance to take photos of their baked goodies because of the long queue inside the bakery so the only thing that comes close to a bread which you can find here are my cheeks. There's also gorgeous people - ehem - like us who are living La Vie Parisienne that night over some good chat and, oh well, over wine. But like I said, I didn't drink! Not even a sip. There should be at least one adult in our group in case they all get really drunk, right?

So the night went on until I noticed some people going Linda Blair on the foreign waiter dude who adjusted what seems to be a retractable roof! Come on, a retractable roof! That's something. Okay, their eyes were mostly on the guy though. Then to another. And well, it clearly depends on their preferences but the thing is, I noticed most people in there are breaking necks by turning their heads on every direction probably in search for a hook up or maybe romance or something. While I, after my butt's intimate relationship with the chair, I wandered around a bit to take these pictures.

Anyway, while wandering off I thought maybe that's how it works! This is how Paris works. Maybe Paris was hailed as one of the most romantic cities because of the set up itself. The music, the lights, the sweet aroma of bread and wine and people looking or taking their chances at romance. Paris. It's a place ideal for lovers and people who are still searching for love, for romance. I get that people always romanticize things as something else. Can't change that. But maybe, like them, that's just the way things are. And you don't get to ask why?

I know my La Vie Parisienne experience (or actually the lack thereof) may not come close to the real Parisian experience but maybe going to these French places is one of those moments where you should just loosen your grip to reality, enjoy whatever life throws at you and just let the magic or Linda Blair take you wherever, whenever or to whomever it wants. And if that's really the case then, I might have just been 'spirited away' to Paris, which is a good thing for La Vie Parisienne.

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  1. HAHAHAHA! Went there last July with the Cebu Bloggers pipz. We feel so burgis when we were inside the wine cellar (na hastang kabugnaw kay ga shorts lang ko ato #katkatpamore). Pero lami kaayo ilang croissant. And humot kaayog pan sa ilang bakery (duh, natural).

    1. LOL. LR kaayo ko. Dugay nako wala ka check ug blog. Huhuhu. :D
      Yeah I know right, lami didto and katkat kaayo.