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11:04 AM

There have been plenty of developments to my life lately but nothing romantic of the sort. That's not a bummer though because I seriously don't have time for that except that I get to think about it in times like this where my thoughts wander about just everywhere. Gee! I want pizza! I want chicken! I want beer. No. Milktea. Guess, I haven't changed.

Going back, thank God! Finally, I'm a senior student now. Let that sink in for a minute. Whoo! I'm in sheer joy whenever I see myself wearing the senior's uniform. It's like - I don't know - wearing some kind of medal or something. And I get to wear it twice in a week. How about that? You know, forgive me but simple things like that means a lot to me now. Simple things.

Here's an artwork I made recently. It's a personal project I call 'Font Series'.

Simple things because my life just got complicated. Sometimes it's a mess and sometimes I make it appear like it's not. I don't know. Coz, aside from our Capstone project, the On the Job Training which I seriously need to give attention to by rendering more hours and some minor but needy subjects I have taken some risk to get extra income. I know what you're thinking but hold that thought for a while.

I'm not sure about this but all of a sudden it's like the world finally turned around and told me in a very familiar voice "I have piled up some straws for you. Now turn them into gold!". Then you realized the voice was of Morgan Freeman and like any other movies narrated by that cool guy my journey was just about to begin.

And here I am with projects from here and there. I have two out of school affiliations which requires my design and video editing skills, respectively. I'm still with the Davao Bloggers. I have two personal projects on queue and oh my gahd I have some responsibilities in the student government. I have also managed to develop some penchant for Tacos (I normally I don't eat Mexican food), acquired two new gadgets and I may have gotten that 'weird' vibe around me like when I dreamed I ate a live goldfish. Also I've been contemplating of trying 'skateboarding' for a hobby.

I'm not complaining though. In fact, keep them coming YOLO. lol. This is why I haven't been able to blog lately and I don't know, with all the stress, this would either make or break me.

So please if you have nothing important to say don't add up to my stress. Please? Just give me that for my birthday present. And yeah it's coming. I'll be a year older in days time! Hahaha. No plans yet but my empty non-existing wallet tells me that I'm penniless. So I'll probably have no birthday plans at all. I wish to do more good decisions in the years to come though so I can "Live long and prosper." That sounds like a good plan! For now. I'll be Spock until I have some concrete plans for my future. :)

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  1. Wow Mark, you're doing great! Padayon lang na sa imong ginapangbuhat coz everything's going to be worth it in the end. See also: Me and Anjuy. HAHA! See you around!