When Bad Things Happen!

7:53 AM

I'm writing this not because I wanted to, I'm writing this because there are times like today when I feel like the world is trying to get me and I want to blame others, hurt myself, let depression slip in, shut people out and destroy everything I see. Fortunately, I can get past all that but this is my way of coping up with the bad things that happened.

They say this is a good exercise and it's quite true. Expressing yourself and releasing the tension by writing about your 'Worst day ever!' actually helps. Crying yourself to sleep also helps too! You know, emo shit like that. A moment you regret telling to your hypocrite friends who act like they've never been to the weakest points of their lives. And yet you still count them as friends! Hoo-hoo!

But just because it works fine to me doesn't mean it would work well for you. Remember that we react differently on different fucking situations but don't forget to ask this whenever you feel like the world is plotting a murder against you - "Where, how and to whom do I share my woes, my frustrations and my anger?" You can start there! As for the rest, well, fuck you! Figure it out yourself.

Hindi lahat nasasagot ng World Peace!

So, what the hell happened to me this time? I don't want to go into details but the last straw of my agonizing day was my phone getting fucked up with a moist on the front camera and its fucking touchscreen freezes from time to time. And just to clarify, I DID NOT DO ANYTHING that could have resulted to this madness! It just decided to go batshit crazy! You know, I can deal with the front cam being foggy because honestly I'm not a fan of selfie. But damn it's a new phone! I bought it 3 weeks ago. It's my hard earned money and fuck whoever made Cloudfone!

I never consulted my friends - well, I did but I didn't listen - I know right! I'm a fucking moron and now I'm too embarrassed to even tell my friends what happened because I know their response would be 'I told you so...'. Like that would help me!? When bad things happen you would want someone who has big ears and a small mouth. I maybe describing a mouse but if a mouse could listen and not criticize then why can't you? Char lamang.

Fortunately, a service center for Cloudfone will open this month here in Davao. Probably, on the 28th of May because of some stupid superstition that 28 is a good day for openings. So that means starting today I need to fucking wait, if my assumptions are right, 10 fucking days.

I don't even know what's the point of this post, I should have just posted this on facebook so that my friends would see how terrible my writing is when I'm on the verge of an emotional outburst. So that people who don't like me would be happy about my little misery. That while some people are sharing their comfortable lives through their smartphones here I am belching about not having both - AGAIN!

Well, I shouldn't be like this considering my smartphone experience was rather short-lived but I've got 4 more reasons to foolishly post something like this, but as I've mentioned earlier I won't go into details this time. I think I'm going to blog about the one that involves 'hairs' though. Just so you wait! I'm telling you, that is something.

Patience is indeed a virtue! But I swear if my phone won't get fixed, I will go in my way into making the lives of those who forced me to buy that crappy phone (because the one I wanted was out of stock) live miserably as well. Just kidding! But if I could I would but I can't so I shan't. Pero ibang klase sila mang jamming about sa specs and warranty! Bantay lang! You know how I easily submit to peer pressure right? You probably know that I hate myself every day for that, I never learn and this just makes me hate myself more.

This may sound too forced considering my tone in this blog post but if you ever feel the same way. If you ever feel like the world is conspiring against you. I want you to know that you are not alone. Char. And if you're faced with the same phone problems, I'll update this post the moment I get to the service center aaaaaaand here are some tips to not make things go worse.

1.) If you have tried everything to recover your once well-functioning smartphone - reset, restore factory, reboot, take out the battery - and impatience is trying to kill you, prevent yourself from seeing the phone! lol. You will just feel bad and helpless and you're gonna try to do a lot more things that you think 'MAY' work but could also worsen the situation. If you're not an expert on the matter don't push it! Keep it away from you.

2.) Don't blame yourself for everything. Sometimes things just go out of your control but you can always control yourself.

3.) Don't be sorry for the f-words in times like this. That word isn't restricted to coitus so use it if it makes you feel any better. Yeah, like pretty much the way 'The Hound' used it in Game of Thrones! Fuck the Kingsguard. Fuck the city. Fuck the king.

4.) Accept that these things happen and don't 'always' blame the world. In fact, make peace with the world. Hindi lahat nasasagot ng World Peace, minsan dapat baliktad - Peace World! Whether it be genuine or with spite at least it has a positive light. The world is old as fuck so Karma and Yin and Yang is probably some serious fact! Mahirap na, baka seryosohin ka ng mundo.

5.) Try to do good things on the side so you'll feel lighter. If you still feel heavy try Dulcolax!

So I guess this is another post which I'll read and regret many years from now. But the thing is, I wrote this not because I wanted to, I wrote this because I needed to.

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  1. Nakaka-relate lang sa ilan sa iyong nararamdaman hehe :)

    1. It's this kind of comment na nakakatulong sa mga ganitong oras. Hehe. Salamat naman!

  2. #maypinaghuhugutan Hahaha! Kaon nalang tag green tea cheesecake sa Lachi's! Mehehe