#ThrowbackThursday - Our Vintage Themed Multimedia Exhibit!

6:25 AM

It was Thursday. That day, humanity remembered the bittersweet memories of the past, whether it was triggered by Beatles songs, Italian plumbers headbutting random floating bricks or old Mickey Mouse cartoons. But for me, nostalgia was caused by a stinking smell from centuries ago that had me asking "Who farted? And what time is it?". Damnit! I'm already late. And yes! Someone in our group farted.

Fast forward and I found myself chasing the wind. My optic nerve still throbbing from the all-nighter we had just to finish an animated short film. Yes! I do that now. Hehehe. Then I asked the driver if he could fly his trike before the clock strikes 9'oclock and to my relief, he nodded. My classmates were busy preparing whatnot in the school lobby. Some of them probably with sad long faces plunged into their phones trying to contact me. We're already an hour off our schedule so I started with the program the minute I arrived.

My knees were shaking as I grabbed on to the imaginary microphone. Then our Adviser and Dean of Program arrived and my heart beat so fast I thought I'll grow boobs. Random students gathered around that time at the lobby so when I went to the podium everyone laid their eyes on me. Char.
And I thought I was gonna explode into little me's but I put on my brave face and opened the program. So I talked a bit at the start then introduced and acknowledged the presence of our Dean, Mr. Exander Barrios, then our adviser, Mr. John Marco Pitlo who took care of the opening remarks and then we had the ribbon cutting ceremony and *poof* our exhibit was officially opened!

It was a toxic day for all of us, especially to those who were with me during the all-nighter. We didn't have much sleep but everything went smooth after the exhibit was opened.

So to give you a little information about the exhibit. The Multimedia Exhibit has been a part of the University of Immaculate Conception - Information Technology Education Program's key events during the first semester. It has become a tradition that Multimedia students put up themed or non-themed exhibits for their final exam.

Obviously, we chose a theme which is vintage and we called our exhibit 'Throwback Thursday' simply because. . . C'mon we do it every Thursday! And we tried real hard to set the date to Thursday. That was 3rd of October, 2013.

So aside from people coming in and out of our exhibit area we have prepared a small program which included a film showing featuring one of the shorts films done by our class. I had a brief appearance on that cute little short film called 'O-Luv'. A pun on our computer laboratory we usually call 'O-lab'. You can watch it here!

We played old songs, title sequences of tv shows like The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Powerpuff and of course our animated short film which we made in about two days. It's actually a teaser but I prefer calling it animated short. Or half-animated short. Hahaha! We also had games in the afternoon.

We also asked people to rate our artworks in a form we provided and handed to them upon their entrance. Simultaneously, we sold our artworks at P50 each together with bar pins, key chains and probably part of ourselves. Not talking about body parts there but I believe by selling our awesome artworks we're selling part of ourselves. Charot.

Here are some of our artworks! :D

In the afternoon, we continued the program with vintage-themed quiz bowl from easy, to moderate and difficult rounds.
Or perhaps too difficult?
Our MM shirts arrived in the afternoon and after everyone changed the inevitable happened! *tadaaaah!*

3MM Class Picture!

Before I knew it the event was already over! And looking back to all of it made me realize why some people want to live in the past, why we have throwback Thursdays, why the past seem so important - I still hate history class though - and why we easily fall prey to nostalgia. And I think that's because the past makes us say 'We made it through!'.

Imagine that mates? It was a challenging year and we made it through!!! *yeeeey*

Did I forget to mention that my classmates did an amazing photo booth? :D
By the way, at the start, when I mentioned "Italian plumbers headbutting random bricks and blocks" it was a test! If you guessed it right that's Mario and Luigi. But still, your life is a lie! You know why? Did you know that they're not really headbutting bricks, they've been using their fists all along. If you know that since forever then double *yeeeey!* for you. But whoever farted that morning still remains a mystery.

Photos by:
Jennylou Mosquete & Sunshine Pangan

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