Beer Pressure

5:38 AM

I am someone who doesn't really like to drink alcohol. To tell you the truth, I self-diagnosed myself with an allergic reaction to it. I tell you it's the best excuse out there if you're not really into drinking. If not, then you can always tell your friends you are on a beer diet or you don't wanna end up like King Joffrey. lol.

Anyway, when I told people about it I heard them say it's awful. Well, they mean different kinds of awful. It's awful because I can't get to drink as much as they do or it's awful because it's an allergy and they think I'm sad about it but I'd rather have them think "If he can't drink there's more for me then!". I never really liked drinking.

But I will never forget that person who grimaced in disbelief when he heard me say that I'm allergic to alcohol. That person even told me that I can never have fun and that it's the worst. Maybe for him!? But seriously? Well, if that's his idea of fun then maybe....hmmm...friendship over? Just kidding. Maybe I should respect that. But fun? Hahaha.

The first time my tongue touched a glass full of beer was on a glorious Summer night when I was little and then I shrunk into the size of pea. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. It's bitter and its nasty taste leaves your mouth foul like FOREVER. And I'm not exaggerating. I did the 'face'. Just thinking about it makes me remember the taste. And I disliked it ever since! Now, I can tolerate the taste of any alcoholic beverages but I go by with little amounts and gulps and sometimes nothing at all because my friends are too drunk to notice I skipped a turn.

About my allergy, I know I should have consulted a doctor just to be sure but anyway whenever I drink - which is rarely - I itch, I get red spots and the first time I got drunk - It was Freshmen Night! - my back felt sore as hell I told myself to never drink again. But of course, that's what most first timers tell themselves. You get a bad experience and you say 'never'. Please don't make the same mistake and never say never. You're not Justin Bieber! Zzz. I know I can do better than that. 

In my case, of course, and my age who wouldn't get to drink when you're surrounded by people who would goad, cheer and egg you to drink more than your threshold. I called it beer pressure. Apparently, everyone does! I thought I've finally invented a word. And it's really frustrating because you have to drink in the spirit of fun, camaraderie, friendship and all that. I mean yes it can get fun but the thought that you ought to do it because, I don't know, you ought to do it? It's so complicated.

I know I can always say no but then suddenly I'm boring and all. Who wants to be labeled boring? So this is just a random post I did after the most 'drink' I had in one sitting. I had a bacardi, jager meister and fortunately one tequila shot. Apparently, one of each and I'm tired, I'm dizzy, I don't know, I may never get to try those drinks again, or I will never drink again ... or maybe this is a drunk blog post? What the hell!? This is a BUI.

So, I don't really a have point to make or maybe I made some, somewhere in the post, you do the thinking. I'm just you know, gonna drink lots of water, be boring and let my friends tell the story of how I succumb to beer pressure - again!

I have no regrets though because I did have fun! Like I said, it's complicated. Thank you for inviting me to your party last night Coffee Chic! :D

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  1. I understand beer pressure. I don't drink a lot too and I always tell my special someone (if I have one) not to drink too much. LOLOL. Appear, kay maka relate ko. XD

    1. Hi Shoti! Thanks. *appear* Yey! I don't feel so alone about this now. :D