Leave My Baby Fats Alone!

8:58 PM

Warning! This is a rant post. So leave if you must!

Why do some people state the obvious all the time? Like, yeah, I've gained some weight over the years and so? I'm just saying but I can differentiate sarcasm from a reaction, overreaction and from innuendos.

Can't people change and feel good about it even if it doesn't conform to what our society think is attractive? Or how the person used to look like? People change, bitches! Why don't you just get over it fast?

Ever since I ballooned because of my sedentary lifestyle and stress-eating habits last semester I've been told many times about how much I've gained since - I don't know - the last time these people saw me. But it's the tone the sets my real friends apart from these people I'm ranting about now. My friends would just tease me a bit and tell me to work on it while others go as far as stare at me as I eat my food. God! That is just downright rude. Don't you think?

But dude you know the worst kind are those inferior creatures who pick on others to make themselves feel better. And they just can't stop 'reacting' to your new - well they refer to it as - SIZE,  and they shove it up your ass as if they never cheated on their diet, never indulged in binge eating and never had Oreos for midnight snacks and felt bad about it. It's as if exercise was too easy for them or that they haven't gone physical change in the past. These kind of people somehow lack maturity that I think puberty skipped them.

And don't get me started about people who gives bullcrap about my health. The health thing is just an educated neener neener for all I know. But yeah, if it shows I have health problems for gaining weight then I'd encourage them to do their thing just so being fat (and unhealthy) won't get normalized. I mean, being big isn't all that good and this is just one of the reasons why. But that's not tHE CASE HERE! Okay I'm mad again. lol.

I know I can't stop them from classifying people. But I what I want, is that these people should police their thoughts and be sensitive to the people around them  Also, it's not like I'm not doing anything to get back to shape. I need time. I'm busy. I'm a work in progress, so please, leave my baby fats alone!

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