How's my Life before the Internet?

4:10 AM

When my internet connection got lost I had the chance to rethink my life and ask myself "How was my life before the internet?", "How did I manage to survive without it?". Then I thought, I used to doodle all the time. So I took a pen and a notebook and I started doodling.

After a while I got bored so I decided to trim my toenails. After hurting an ingrown nail I went to the nearest sari-sari store to buy a chichiria. I was initially craving for Regent's sweet corn but my childhood slapped me with fond memories of Esep-Esep so I asked the store owner if they have any. Unfortunately, it was out of stock, and so is the 'Sweet Corn', so I went home with a disappointing Rinbee.

Snatched from Google Search, too lazy to find out the specific source.

I turned on the TV and flipped it over to ABS-CBN hoping for a good watch but instead I got upset. I got upset because they changed the format of 'The Buzz'. I don't always like change. But when things change I hope they completely change. Like, it would have made me feel better if Boy Abunda has grown a hair or something but no they changed everything except the shiny head.

So I turned off the TV and I talked to my Gramma. We talked about my little brother's school project about plant reproduction. Then I lectured my sister about too much texting and that she's too behind to take pride in Philippines being the 'text' capital of the world. I also lectured my cousin about the effects of sending people digital crops and that it's bad to put the laptop on the lap because it is said to lower sperm count but that's irrational because I was talking to my girl cousin.

Then I talked to our cats. There's nine of them. I also talked to our dog about the lice and fleas in the Senate. Our dog's name is Nancy B, if you must know. Finally, the internet is back so screw my life before the internet! I bet it's cool in a way or another. It can also suck. Life is pretty much random anyway. Now I can go back online doing exactly nothing or maybe something if I get any luck. :-)

This is pretty much random as well but you can go and ask yourself, "How's my life before the internet?".

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  1. nakakarelate naman ako sa mga chichiria na yan :)
    peyborit ko rin yang sweet corn! hehe

    nakaka-miss din yung buhay na di pa ako masyado addict sa pag-iinternet, na-miss ko yung pagbabasa ng mga textbook sa filipino ng ate ko nung hiskul sya kahit elem pa lang ako, mahilig kasi ako sa mga maiikling kwento, saka simple lang ang buhay noon, mas madalas ang pakikipag-usap ng harapan kumpara ngayon na puro online chat :)