A Little Game Called #ThrowbackThursday.

10:34 AM

Humans are weak. They easily fall prey to whatever links them to their past. Play a Britney Spears song and they will sing along. Turn the channel to Cartoon Network and they'll come running to watch how a trio of flying voodoo dolls will save the day. Do whatever you like to trigger all sort of emotions from the past, just never ever show them an old photo of you.

Otherwise, you'll win a lifetime worth of teases for being the fat kid in high school, the nerd with a thousand zit or the bulimic cheerleader. But now? Thanks to Instagram. The things that reminds us of how fun and embarrassing our past has now become a viral little game called #ThrowbackThursday.

Yes. For those who are unaware of it and aware of it, allow me to tell you that #ThrowbackThursday is a game. It's a game of throwing an old photo of you in front of your friends and telling them a little story of your past. The embarrassing it is, the more fun it'll be and the more likes you get.

You don't win from this game though. Sometimes, my friends' #ThrowbackThursday posts are rather sad than funny. I mean, post a picture of how fat you were in high school and you'll get mixed reactions from your friends. Sure, it can bring you back all of the happy memories of that time but so will the pain. Sadly, that's part of the game.

But now that you know, #ThrowbackThursday can convey a lot of emotion, you can choose to feel anyway you like. What makes us weak is not really our past but how we see it. If I post a picture of me and my dog who died years ago. That's not funny. That's reminiscing. That's longing. That's real life drama and shit. It may bring back the pain but you can choose to feel glad about how that cute little dog helped you move on with your life.

You can also choose to replace the 'dog' in my example with your ex. That would have been so much relatable and they're kind of the same. But I don't have an ex. I have a dog. Oh wait, I had a dog.

Humans may be weak creatures by dwelling on the past. But remember that we do it because we feel that our past made us stronger. Whether our lives are so much better now than yesterday or miserable because we didn't put much thought to our future, we all need to look back. We all need to throw ourselves back into time and think and feel. Coz that's what makes us human.

I'm glad there's Throwback Thursday. Are you? :3

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