I'm Kind of A Sad Wallflower

11:20 PM

I'm just happy I'm kind of a sad wallflower. I'm the kind that is just there to observe and analyze what's happening around me.The kind that is only a loner from the inside but is stuck to a social group and my own reality. Someone who always hesitate whenever he has something to say. Someone who's quite scared to live young, wild and well, you know this cliche.

But you know what? It is the consequences of being like this that I hate the most.

Confrontations. I hate confrontations. Why can't some people just leave me alone and let me enjoy my space? Why do they have to ask me things that I don't even care about? Like, what I think about someone else facebook status and petty things like that. You see, the problem with me is that I fall prey to peer pressure so easily.

It's almost like there's a dementor slowly devouring my soul. So I wave my wand and say things. Sometimes things that I don't even mean. There are things I've said about other people which I never really meant. I say them to shun arguments, t-to end the conversation and to stop my friends from talking about others.

But I suck! I didn't realize that by putting weight to other's criticisms I'm just like them. It starts with a gossip and then it's slander. I hate it! I hate being like this! I'm afraid that the things I've said might be used against me or worse, that I might actually like it.

For now, I'm just happy that I can still be happy despite that. And that I can still evaluate myself and that I can still quietly observe people like I always do.

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