Microsoft Dynamics GP vs SAP

10:59 PM

Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics has compared Microsoft Dynamics GP to SAP and came up with 5 reasons which involved modules that relates to employee productivity, profitability, scalability, low cost of ownership and industry-leading vertical partner ecosystem.

These edges of Microsoft Dynamics GP over SAP means that the ERP should only be implemented based on the needs of the company. They would have to weigh in which areas they could maximize using their chosen ERP system. And start from there.

Using the ERP Software of, an unbiased data driven comparison tool, I have personally compared Microsoft Dynamics GP vs SAP.

And here's the result.

While have proprietary lincences and they greatly differ on the business size the can cater. Microsoft Dynamics can only cater small to mid size companies while SAP can do so much for they can cater to the needs of any business size.

Out of the 30 listed products or services under SAP's Industries module, Microsoft Dynamics GP only have Finance, Manufacturing, Professional Business Services, Services, and Wholesale Distribution.

The comparison goes on with SAP reigning over Microsoft Dynamics GP. Other features include customer relationship management, Financial features, human resource, project management, supply chain management, manufacturing and training services.

You can check the link below to find out the comparison this article is based from.

SAP fails in the comparison chart for their supported platform. Apparently, SAP does not support Windows and Windows OS but Miscrosoft gets even by not being able to support iOS (obviously) and surprisingly via Web.

When compared to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics may fail in terms of being fully functional to large scale businesses. Microsoft Dynamics is actually a good management system for its affordable scalability engineered to cost-effective support the changing requirements that are frequently necessary for costumers to adapt, grow and maintain competitive edge in their business.

3. Conduct research on an ERP package, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, for small – to – medium sized (SME) organizations (between $30m and $ 1b in revenue). Compare that package for available modules, functionality, and so on to the SAP system.

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