Introducing SAP to Business Owners

12:52 AM

Getting used to SAP, I would highly recommend that the owner of a custom furniture manufacturer use SAP over other ERP systems. However, I would introduce him to other ERP systems so that he can have other options that would best suit his budget and the scale of his company. I would be asking his budget allocation for the SAP project and convince him that while SAP can be costly, if he sees his business or businesses run long term, then so will the ERP system under SAP.

I would then gather around some data, perhaps more on the business processes and evaluate if his business is ready for ERP. I would ask him how many departments his business have as well as the transactions and relationship of the departments to one another. I would schedule meetings wherein I could explain to him the turnarounds of SAP and how it would greatly impact his business.

I would also tell him the risks and ways to avoid the most common mistakes in the implementation of SAP. I would one by one tell him the other benefits and drawbacks of ERP system so as to become transparent. I would be needing more data from him to further the study in the implementation of SAP to his company.

On a business standpoint, if I were to be an actual SAP or ERP Professional, then like in the funny image above I would strike a deal and make the most out of the project and call my client Wallet. Just kidding! :-)

5. Imagine that you are conducting a field based research project for your ERP class in a small local business. Assume that the business is a custom furniture manufacturer. In the course of your project, you tell the owner that you are using SAP B1 in your ERP class. The owner asks if he should be using SAP or some other ERP system in his business. What would be your response? What questions would you ask or what information would you need to answer that question?

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