Hanap, Usap, Deal!

1:23 AM

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The reason why online shopping was not that big in the Philippines back then is that Filipinos hesitates in purchasing stuff online. But with classified ads and other international e-commerce sites which has now localized their transaction process, Filipinos have finally found a few good places to shop!

One popular online marketplace where people buy and sell a wide variety of goods, products and services is Sulit.com.ph. Founded in September 11, 2006, Sulit.com.ph has become the number 1 online thrift shop in the Philippines! At least that's what my other blogger friends says.

All you ever need is to sign up and follow the steps leading to another and finally have the item you've always wanted to buy in your hands. After creating an account, the website allows the consumer, to search for any item they want to buy, hire, lease or even swap all in one place.

If you've seen Sulit.com.ph's tv commercial, the purchase process of this website can be summarized into three words or steps. And they're "Hanap, Usap, Deal.". When you find the item you want to buy, you'll have to communicate with the buyer through Sulit's user-friendly messaging system. There's also a community forum where you can read tips on buying and selling or engage in discussions and all that.

After sending the buyer a request, you'll settle with the price and come up with a deal. While doing buying and selling at Sulit, as a member you will have the benefit of free advertising as well as establish your brand. In the actual purchasing, it is up to you or the seller what third party services you will use for the payment and delivery of the item. You may choose to send your payments or items via paypal, western union, lbc, snail mail or personally.
4. Choose a familiar Web Site, such as Dell, Amazon, and so on. Describe the order – to – cash process from the customer’s perspective as illustrated by that site.

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