Comparison of SAP and Oracle Modules

11:49 AM

SAP and Oracle differ in modules however they share some functions where we can base our assessment and comparison. But before that here's a little biased image comparing SAP and Oracle as far as technology is concerned.

Both have Supply Chain Management or Advance Planning, Maintenance, Costing, Treasury Management, Materials Management, Production Planning and Control, Localization , Project Systems, Payroll, Transactional Reporting and ESA Open Architechture.

In the Advanced Planning, SAP has a very strong advanced planning solution while Oracle has recently changed the Architecture of ts Demand planning module which requires significant testing and stabilization. In maintenance, Oracle is less superior because of their history in supporting the use of 3rd party solutions.

As costing is directly linked to the production process, SAP's costing solution is more tightly integrated compared to Oracle. Treasury module is a recent addition to Oracle suite so it's a work in progress unlike SAP having established this over time.

Batch Traceability of raw materials, in Materials Management module, is strong and integrated in SAP. In Production Planning and Control, Oracle supports a combination of the process and discrete manufacturing solution the same instance in SAP.

Localization is not an integrated part of the core Oracle application thus an add-on. In Project systems, Oracle does not have a comprehensive project monitoring tool as part of its Projects module and has to be integrated with 3rd Party products. Sap, on the other hand, has it as an integral part of the projects business cycle from the project procurement to cash budgeting etc in case of rescheduling on the project timelines.

This leads us to the conclusion that SAP product support is better managed as its MySAP suite has far less number of batches compare to Oracle.

2. Conduct research on an ERP package other than SAP that would be suitable for a large organization (Php 1 billion in revenue) and compare the modules that it has to SAP modules.

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