The Extreme Banana Boat Ride Experience!

3:47 AM

In between third world family problems and a crazy work schedule I went on a weekend getaway courtesy of Bluejaz Resort. It was there I had one of the most memorable Summer activity one would ever have. It was a good day to enjoy the beach but the sun glared at us with a temperature that would toast me if I were a bread. Then I ordered the clouds to cover the sky but they won't budge! The sky almost looked like a still life canvass. Apparently they are too lazy to move around because everyone is lazy during summer. Even clouds. *shakes head* Even clouds.

So instead of tossing ourselves into the sea, my awesome buddies and I opted to stay under the killjoy shades of comfort, snacks, fake massage, and chatting! Now we don't sound awesome at all. Then came later when we've all agreed to give the banana boat a try.

The activity was just so memorable I thought I was gonna end up in a memorial park. That does not mean it was any bad, as much as it might have been all fun. Perhaps, at some point the Banana Boat ride was fun until it went too extreme that I honestly couldn't tell if I was still having fun. Or maybe because I was crying. I mean, I never cried that much since my Grandpa's passing. I literally cried a sea of tears. Tears that I should have shed a long long time ago. Tears that summed up the melodramatic points of my life.

And in between adrenaline rush, fun, laughter, screams, danger, shark thoughts and a creeping sense of death and as my tears were washed away by the splashing of waves into my face, I felt joy and there was hope. In fact, I was almost close to saying "I feel infinite".

Every time our boat slams into a big wave a sad part of my life falls into the water. It was like I freed myself from all the sad things I've kept inside. And I cried even more. Well, my friends wouldn't notice that because I was happy and they were too busy hugging the banana boat anyway.

After the extreme banana boat ride I said to myself never to do it again. Aside from me being subtly emotional and all in the middle of the fucking ocean, I realized you don't really need a dramatic scene just to free yourself from all things you've kept inside. Sometimes, you just have to be on the verge of all emotions, in the middle of the ocean (oh not really) but seriously, sometimes letting go is by having fun. Also, the boat ride was physically (and for me emotionally) draining.

But after lunch, my energy skyrocketed that I was in for more adventures. In the afternoon we tried Jet ski, zip line, a dip to the infinity pool and Bluejaz Resort's gigantic water slides! It was all in all a very rewarding experience. When we went home and our boat sailed across the sea I looked up the sky and saw that the clouds are moving.

I cant believe it's almost been a year since then. I suppose, I needed a whole year to fully recover and blog about it finally.

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