PRO Bloggers Block - A Filipino Blogger's Manifesto!

4:53 PM

When several issues about bloggers stormed Philippine blogosphere, even reaching the mainstream consciousness, I didn't give a damn and I didn't say a word. Not that anyone cares about what I have to say. I just thought silence was the best way to deal with issues which at that time were of great importance to others.

There's also the thought that Filipino bloggers needs one less blabbermouth who might have the balls for a TV appearance just so others would think they have a.) a sense of leadership, b.) a telegenic face, c.) a latent dirty political agenda and d.) All of the above.

A few weeks later I found myself in a situation where I couldn't answer the question "What are you?". Well I could have just kidded around and told the person "C'mon, I'm a human being just like you.". But that's not what the person meant and I knew I just can't kid around forever about what I really am in the context of what I do.

So, "What am I?". My mind answers "I am a blogger." But with issues going around involving bloggers, be it online, of national scope, within a certain blogging organization or within my circles, I can't proudly say I am one. Coulda, woulda, shoulda but I didn't. Then I told the person, "I work online.".

It sucks you know!? It sucks. Then I thought, wouldn't it be nice to wake up one day and tell people "I am a Blogger" as though it's a profession or at least something so cool and nice? A day when you know where to put yourself amidst controversies like 'Sotto's Plagiarism', 'Philippine Bloggers Association' and 'Ethical Issues concerning Bloggers'? A day where the "Big Bad Blogger" would become a tale as old as time and finally a day when you can tell people you just don't work online? And that you rock?

That day is far from becoming a reality as of now, especially with unresolved issues piled up like backlogs waiting to be published, read, shared, scrutinized and commented.

But last December, we had the chance to discuss all these with fellow bloggers each coming from Iloilo, Cebu, Manila and there's me from Davao. There were also some people from NGO's, Traditional Media and Public Relations present who shared their thoughts, views, opinions and helped us come up with a WORKING DRAFT of a Manifesto for PROFESSIONAL BLOGGERS in the Philippines.

Check it out and please share your thoughts! :-)

Who knows, with this Manifesto, there will come a time where nothing can hold us back from saying " I am a Blogger.".

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  1. Hoping that this manifesto will be implemented. Kudos to you!!! Please update us whenever the draft for this manifesto will be done! Thanks

    1. The manifesto is still a work in progress but if you believe that the manifesto would help you become a better blogger now, then you can start right away by applying it to your career as a professional blogger. Thanks! And please help us spread the word. ;-)

      Yes, we'll update you as soon as we finish the manifesto.

  2. Is it hard to be a "professional blogger"? What sets you apart from journalists who are there on the forefront?

  3. it could be either good or bad lesson to every blogger. but we hope it will be implemented. .

  4. Hi Mark,

    Can I ask for more info about the event last December Like when and where it happened and who were involved?

  5. Bloggers should view the presentation about the Filipino Bloggers Manifesto :) In order to uphold the integrity of the blogging communities/organizations in the country, we must learn how to respect our fellow bloggers, the companies, the pr agencies and the public :)

  6. Bloggers should write more about today's issues because these matters are essential to the development of our society, and that's what bloggers are all about, right? Writing about issues that matter. Tell your co-bloggers to consider writing about things that everyone can relate to. It won't be long that more and more people will engage in blogs and if you, older bloggers, learn to talk about the important stuff, we are certainly heading in the right direction because everyone will imitate you and there will be a much more healthier discourse on all things under the sun.

    Visit this blog. This blog is just the epitome of everything I've said -
    Philippine Underground

    Thanks, Mark.