Partea! Partea! Tea Has Never Been So Much Fun!

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For almost a year I've developed such love for milktea. At present day though I consider myself an occasional milktea drinker (if not average) as I have already survived a month without a handy cup of my favorite red milktea with tapioca pearls. In short, I rehabilitated myself from it before I get totally addicted and I mean for real. My friends, however, still call me a milktea addict as I was a self-proclaimed one back then.

If my memory serves me right, milktea started to become a big thing in Davao about exactly a year ago. All of a sudden, there was milktea craze which lead to rampant openings of homegrown milktea stores and store franchises in the city. And now that the milktea business is on its peak, we hear of milktea stores opening every now and then, just like the one that opened last Month.

Situated in front of Ateneo De Davao University's bold gate in Jacinto St., is the new milktea store called 'Partea! Partea!' that comes with the catchy tagline 'Tea Has Never Been So Much Fun!'. And with their brightly colored chairs of green and vermillion, the store sets up an atmosphere where students would most likely love to have a cup of tea and very soon a noonday snack.

Of all the milkteas in Davao, I have to say that Partea! Partea! offers a new option and a different taste to milktea aficionados. Their original milktea formula kicks in with a mild tea taste, a creamy texture and a lip-smacking sweetness that is good but might not suit the taste of half health-conscious and half pretentious costumers who requests for less sugar, less sinkers, less ice and sometimes don't order at all.

During the taste-testing Andrew, Chattee and I did before the opening we came up with one instant favorite and it's the Lychee Tea with Strawberry Poppers. Yes! It's not milktea but it's a good alternative to someone who simply needs a refreshment after bathing under the sun or someone who suffer from lactose intolerance. Plus it has poppers! I wonder how the result would be any different to the lactose-intolerant when something still pops.

On boring days I would save up my P100 just to buy a milktea with Rock Salt and Cheese. But in Partea! Partea! you can already have one at P30 less. That's the surprise they have for RSC lovers. It goes well with the wintermelon milktea which was the one I ordered during the opening. They might want to add some more RSC though! But that's just fine because under your wintermelon milktea with rock salt and cheese lies a free black pearl sinker.

Group Photo during the Opening.

All in all, I would recommend Partea Partea to my friends and other milktea addicts! It's a go-to if you're looking for a new milktea taste in Davao and of course, a new milktea place! :-)

Lychee Tea with Strawberry Poppers
Wintermelon with RSC
Choco Milktea with Pudding

For more inquiries check out Partea Partea's Official Facebook Page.

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Partea Partea Facebook Page
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