2012, The Year That was. . .

8:27 AM

Last year, I rode planes more often than I expected. Those plane rides and their package full of adventures weren't expected as well. In fact, the only air travel I was expecting for was the one I booked with my friends Renz and Anj last May 2012.

While we were doing a local cable TV show we decided to book tickets to Boracay for fun and for the show. I was so excited because it's going to be our first time in Bora, our first out-of-Davao trip together and it was the first time that I got a nod to travel miles away from home after my 9 days Manila trip in 2010. lol

Unfortunately, excuses piled up one after another and we decided not to go through with the trip. Sadly, our show suffered the same fate. And just when I thought I'd be stuck in Davao City whole year 'round, came unexpected travels which I never imagined.

It started last August when I got an invitation from Abs-Cbn for a studio tour. And I flew all the way to Manila on a weekend to experience the behind the scenes of prime television. Here's what happened!

Show was over! Gluta-emitting Lights were switched off. lelz

Then came October. Unlike my first Manila trip this year, this one, I have long anticipated. My involvement on this event is however unexpected. To make the long story short I was one of the organizers of this years' WordCamp Philippines. The whole organizing was fun but at times a bit intoxicating. Pero bawal mag-strong!! So we stuff our mouth pizzas every night.

During that week-long stay in Manila, we frequented Greenhills and other shopping malls (Rockwell, Resorts World, Greenbelt and MOA). We also got lost around and experienced typhoon in Manila! That typhoon wasn't so bad but it compelled us to walk all the way to the train station from Greenbelt 3 and had us soaked and cold. We also visited Manila Ocean Park.

Finally, my 3rd trip! "Touch down Cebu I've waited so long to meet you!". And there I was! Finally, in the Queen City of the South, the place I've long wished to visit ever since my Grandparents snuck up on me and went to Cebu when I slept as a child. And it took me, (calculating) almost 10 years to get there to think that we have relatives living in Cebu. But thanks to RAFI! :'-)

I know my trips are nothing compared to big time and highly experienced travel bloggers out there but my little adventures around Davao can match theirs - more or less. Hehehe. My point, Davao: Life is here!

2012 was indeed my year! It was eventful, exciting and fattening. But above all, it was a year full of realizations. I realized that we really do make our own choices and decisions in life. And no matter what, be it for better or for worse, what's important is we move forward.

I feel so blessed and I'm just really thankful that God's been good to me in 2012. Despite I stopped school I'm thankful to have such wonderful friends, blogger buddies and a supportive family at my back who helped me shape up my year. And looking back, 2012 is the year that moved me. It moved be to become a better person.

Now let's all move on and embrace the unexpected journeys that lies ahead this 2013!

2012, The Year That was. . .moving.

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  1. natuwa naman ako sa pic niyo sa MRT! hahaha.. i never had a souvenir of an MRT ride. hahaha... humanda!

    1. Hahaha. It shows gano kasikip sa MRT. lelz.
      Yeah, you should have one. :-D

  2. OMIGOD the epic MRT photo! We were the only ones na maingay inside the train! Pero kebs. HAHAHA!

    1. I know right. So epic! Sayang hindi nakita si Anj. Hahaha