Keeping Travels on My Mind This Year!

2:14 AM

I'm tired of just staying at home, never exploring, never seeing what's out there. Last year may have been full of travel-related surprises but I don't know if I'll get luckier this year. So, I prepared some list to track of 2013!

This year I wanted to travel my own way even if it means I'll have to be a budget traveler. I'm sure I can do it. I just need to prepare myself by reading lots of budget traveling tips and hone my backpacking skills which is at level 0 by the way. My mom still pack my things every time I travel but that may come in handy given my plans to have a vacation as early as end of January. Oh, I will be needing more income sources for that and my school too!

The past few weeks of 2013 has been stressful to me. I rarely go out and when I do my wallet vomits. So I think I'm gonna let it vomit one more time and this time for a vacation. That's it! I am gonna look up fantastic vacation deals on the Internet or persuade my bored friends to have a week-long vacation somewhere.

I love vacations! The last one I had was a long long time ago but it was more of an immersion (than vacation) in our own farm. I'd rather play farmville, I just don't wanna go back there. I'm hoping to visit Bukidnon again this year after our 2 Days trip slash long term planning  last year. I hope I can call it a vacation this time around. I just want to relax, de-stress and stay away from the third world problems of the city!

It's going to be my first trip this year if ever!

And talking about travels, I'm gonna start working on my passport next week because I'll probably fly to Singapore this year. Probably. *crosses fingers* As for my local travels, nothing is certain but according to my list I want to explore more provinces in Mindanao. Like I said I hope to visit Bukidnon (again), climb Mt. Puting Bato (again) or Mt. Apo (ftw), go to Little Boracay on DFAT 2013, then join Soccksargen Experience Tour in September. I also want to visit Agusan Marsh!

And if I ever get the chance to fly to other provinces I'll have to avail more air fare promos for my highly ambitious Batanes, Palawan and Baguio plans. Oh, I just can't wait to travel this year and turn this boring personal blog into a blog full of adventures! But more than anything now I just want to take a break and have an awesome vacation!

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  1. Hi Mark,

    U are from davao rin pala? wow! it's great to know that since taga-davao din ako... I have read somewhere in Chamee's blog about davao blogger? meron ba? follow nalng kita ha, if you won't mind u can visit my blog too and follow back..

    It's nice to know some fellow Davao bloggers here...


    1. Hi Liezl! Yes I'm from Davao.
      Yes, we have a community for bloggers here in Davao. I'll visit and will definitely follow back. :-)

  2. I was just blog hopping and I reached your page. :) I hope you luck in your future travels! :)

  3. Wow goodluck on your next travel adventure. Dont forget to post your adventure here ah? And Oh, give us some tips. Will be back here to check them. Thank you!

  4. oh, kamusta na passport mo? hehe best in procrastination pud ko ana ba.