My Ideal Car!

6:25 AM

There are times when I wonder how it feels to drive cars. A friend says it's tiring if not boring but I still wanna drive and own a car someday. I mean, if it's without purpose then nobody would even consider having one, right? And you know what!? This, Yes this! This had me thinking maybe it's about time to do some real test driving. More than any of the rides and adventures I experienced driving was the funnest of all.

Driving back into my memory lane, I actually did some sort of pre test driving activities which included bump cars, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and a scooter. No damage so far since my last driving activity though but thinking about how it felt driving, the adrenaline rush, the sense of power over something, it's what I may have been missing after all. It's like I never felt so free in my whole life until I got the chance to drive. That when it started to move and I realized I was driving, I felt so free it's almost like I could fly.

I honestly don't know much about cars but I think it would awesome to get a smart and sporty looking one even though I'm not really the sporty type. Yes dearie, I love irony as much as I love to surprise myself. And since I am a creative a person then a car that comes with a customization program would be a great deal too. I love customizing! Google here and there and may I present to you my ideal car.

Image Credits: Green Autoblog

A smart fortwo BRABUS electric drive car with a touch of Arrow's color palette (Black and Green) from smart brabus with electric drive and a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery. Launched just last March, it's a consolation that this car is Eco-friendly! And that my friend is my ideal car. :-)

So what's your ideal car?

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