How To Get a Stuck Ring Out of Your Finger?

6:04 PM

Crap! I lazed all morning in bed. I woke up almost eleven. My stomach is crumbling. I hurriedly went to the kitchen to see what's for my brunch. I saw a bowl of Adobo that succumb me to pigging out. I hastily washed my hands with the hot water coming from the faucet and noticed the ring! I tried to get it out since it would ruin any chance for me to eat comfortably. It's on my middle finger and it's obviously stuck. My sister gave it to me and I was afraid that I might lose it by the time she'll want it back so last night I decided to find a place to keep it safe. But everybody's sleeping and bad that I am cursed with two elephant feet that my steps might awaken the dragons from dreamland. Another thing is that I'm already in bed and my body won't cooperate with the situation. So what I did was to keep it inside my pocket. Hours later, I found myself looking for the ring. Unfortunately, the ring rolled out of my pocket. Finding a copper ring for almost an hour has totally spoiled my night. And after awhile, "Alas! I found it.". So I told myself I should keep the ring somewhere it won't try to lose itself. LOL. And the most effective and the very obvious place to keep it is in my ring finger.But the ring is not quite tight for my ring finger. I tried my thumb, my index finger but it found its spot on my middle finger. It fitted in perfectly that I didn't hesitated to pull it out until today that I realized it stuck. Damn it!

Below are several ways I did to get the stuck ring out of my finger. . .

  • If you were in my shoe, the first thing you'll probably do is to plunge your hands into a soap and water solution,then try pulling the thing out of your finger. I've tried that and it didn't work for me.

  • Another way is to let someone pull it for you. I told my sister to pull it for me and you know what it caused me? It caused me to scream as hell that everyone damned to see what happened. And I showed everyone my red and numbing middle finger. 

  • After the numbing experience, I asked my Grandmother what to do. She was laughing at me and then told me to get her dressmaker's kit. I gave it to her and she handed me scissors. I asked her if she could cut it for me but she said her hands are too shaky she might cut my finger instead. So I was left with no choice and no one else are around to help me so I did it myself.

  • I'm carrying the fact that my grandma's scissors won't work. I went to my Grandpa thinking he knows what to do! And you know what he told me in response? "You get my tool box underneath the sink!". I hurriedly went to the sink in search for his tool box. And look what I found -a much bigger scissor. Oh I might sound silly but if I am to let my Grandpa get this thing out of my hand -then he would probably cut not just my fingers but my right hand. So what I did was I told him I didn't see the tool box and I ran away!

  • After my looking for something out of nothing expedition I went upstairs to disturb my Mom. Unfortunately, she's busy folding clothes.

  • After a while, I found myself putting my finger between an ajar door. I gently closed the door with my other hand sticking the ring between the wooded edges. Then I pulled myself back. It hurt. After three more tries my middle finger swelled up. Ohhh no!

  • After trying that, I went downstairs to see what or who can help me. So I turned on the computer and googled 'how to get a stuck ring out of my goddamn finger'. I just scanned a few pages and did one thing from my search and it didn't do any good. I just dipped my hand in the water until my skin went wrinkly and all. Still, it was failure.

  • This time -I'm even daring- I was so desperate to get the ring out of my finger that I grabbed a saw. And yes I saw it .An hour later and I gave up. It did not work.

  • 3 hours later and I haven't gotten any decent meal because of my ring problem. I cried out help from my sister. And my Grandpa was right! Together with my sister, grandpa's enormous scissor helped me. It took us about 20 minutes to get the ring cut and out of my middle finger! Fuck you ring! Fuck you.
I threw the ring! My sister didn't want it of course because we destroyed it. And I promised myself I'm not gonna wear any ring until I'll take the plunge for marriage life. And I wouldn't allow myself to find a way to take it off my finger.

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