Krispy Kreme Has Finally Landed!

3:32 AM

There's something about doughnuts that makes me nuts! I forgot why though. I was shaken in bed by a reminder with an alarm that today's the birthday of my doughnut-addict alter ego. And I was extremely happy because finally, I'll get to stuff a couple of donuts in my mouth after a week of craving for it or so. And here's the thing. They're not just donuts! They're Krispy Kreme donuts which brings my craving to an international level.They're world-famous right!?

My only problem is that I'm actually late for the event. So I called a friend who was there at the event if it's still okay to come over and she said that they're still having lunch. I quickly searched for my invitation card and found out that I actually have two. In case you wanted to know I got them from Abreeza Ayala Mall over a meet-and-greet dinner with the mall's new manager. So I immediately went downstairs to drag my cousin (Minorca) who was caught unprepared for the things in store for her, I mean, in store for us at Krispy Kreme. Luckily it would only take us 5 minutes to get to the venue. ^_^ So it was a GO!

I think I have to tell you that my cousin is not really a blogger. She's not even interested but I've been bugging her ever since about it. I know she's really got a big potential of being a fashion blogger. I just know it. She needs a little help in the writing part but I know she'll improve later on. So, I dragged her along and when we arrived - BOOM! My happy-o-meter rose up declaring it's indeed my donut-addict alter-ego's self-proclaimed birthday. Oh, I know that sounds so 'assuming' but it really made my day.

What made it even more special is that I got the chance to create my own donut! More appropriately customize one. It's so simple. You pick an original glazed donut, dip it on their chocolate swirling machine, dribble it for some time, shake it 20 times (Yes, every shake counts!), pick it up and sprinkle it with whatever topping you want. :-)

It sounds so simple but it was NOT!! At least for me. You see, I've got big hands and it was a little hard for me to hold the donut without deforming its base. So I need to loosen my grip a little which got me scared that the donut might fall on the chocolate swirling machine. Halfway through I got so nervous that I forgot to count during the shaking part. (O__O) Suddenly, I was the one shaking. I was actually surprised that I got to do it - finally! *sigh*

After that my cousin and I ordered snicker doughnuts and iced coffee to fill our hungry tummies. Yey!

It wasn't my first time to try any Krispy Kreme doughnut but I've got to say that they have the best tasting doughnuts which is perfect for the Davaoeno's taste buds. Now I remember why I get crazy over doughnuts! I'm a Davaoeno. As simple as that.

Whenever a Davaoeno comes home to Davao from abroad or even just in Manila they would always bring a box of doughnuts as "pasalubongs". Somehow, I could say it has become a tradition. A Davao thing that's been going on since God knows when and now that Krispy Kreme has finally landed the Royal City of the South. There's no more flying! Only more of Krispy Kreme's goodness nextdoor. :-)

Life is Here!


Please also check my cousin's first post on her blog! New blog actually since we couldn't recover her tumblr account. :-)  Check it here: Welcome Krispy Kreme! Be nice.

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  1. It was a super fun event, Mark :) Hahahaha Naenjoy ko ang "make-your-own" doughnuts! LOL