A Dreamy Brunch!

1:42 PM

I rarely eat breakfast these days and when I do it's either I'm forced to wake up early to travel, attend an event or I'm about to sleep. No school. I stopped. Don't ask! Good thing there's brunch. It's supposed to be my tummy's new best friend as of my current lifestyle. But here's the thing. I usually wake up at around 10 in the morning and I'm left with a cold pandesal and some egg dish in the kitchen every fucking day. In fact, today I woke up with a cold pandesal and scrambled eggs for brunch. Tomorrow I'll probably wake up with another cold pandesal but with a sunny side up. The following day, I expect to have a cold pandesal and a scrambled egg with hotdog chunks. Then the day after that I think I'll wake up with another plate of a cold pandesal and a weird tasting tomato omelet. I know I should be thankful because I still got something to eat (even if it's always egg and pandesal) and most of all because I still get to wake up. Thank God! But I just can't imagine five more days, five more years, five more lifetimes eating egg and pandesal for brunch. If that ever happens - knocks on wood - I'll probably be able to lay eggs.

And in case there's a need for you to know, I don't usually eat rice during brunch or even breakfast. Not that I am on a diet or anything. I just don't feel like it. Char. I eat rice during those times only when I don't have a choice and my Mom's around to tease me about dieting. Which really ruins my day. Another thing, actually together with the egg and pandesal are either hotdogs, corned beef, preserved meat stuff and other canned goods cooked for breakfast. Unfortunately to me, these goods would always end up to the lunch boxes of my siblings who goes to school

Then one morning I was just staring at the cold pandesal and the hard-boiled egg on the table. And I swear I thought I was gonna die or something. Suddenly I heard a noise in the living room. I didn't budge because I still feel so fucked-up of waking up from my short sleep. When I turned back to the egg and the pandesal, the two looked back staring at me and I was like WTF! The hard-boiled egg quickly rolled itself down the table and the pandesal followed hopping like Jimminey Cricket. I immediately composed myself and tried to snapped out of what the hell was going on but I realized my brunch suddenly became interesting (At least, at last!). Choose the best answer in the parenthesis.

I went under the table to check but the two weren't there anymore. So I turned back and saw that the pandesal and the egg each developed some tiny arms and feet and that they're actually running towards the living room. I crawled going to their direction and noticed that they are headed to the wall clock that fell on the floor. As they neared the clock some beam of light came out of it and the egg and the pandesal leaped up to the light. They held each others hand while the song "Hawak Kamay" was playing on the background. I could also hear the ticking of the clock and suddenly everything was in slooooooowwww mooooottttioooooon. The two just floated on the light and got sucked inside the clock. I thought it was some kind of portal that leads to a world full of food. So with all my might and my craving for something else than pandesal and egg, I leaped towards the clock in slooowww motiiooon too. As soon as the light touched my skin I was vacuumed to reality, half-asleep and about to choose which meal set to pick.

There's a hand waving in my face and I heard someone saying "What do you want to eat?". I collected myself back and quickly chose the Roasted Chicken with Macaroni Salad on the table. Sooner reality on me and I realized "OMG! I'm at Cafe France" and I barely had any sleep. Stupid daydreams! It was around 11:00 o'clock already and my stomach started to grumble in hunger. So I immediately eat my food. The roasted chicken tasted nice by the way, but I thought if there's anything I need to try in Cafe France it had to be Cafe France's pastries. From the internet I've read about that Cafe France offers a wide array of yummy treats and their best sellers comes from the baked ones. And since it's their first branch in Davao, in fact, outside Luzon I was more than eager to try out nearly everything they could offer us during the Press Launch.

So I tried their Seafood Marinara, some California Chicken Clubhouse, salad and the croissant from the breakfast tray. And the winner for me was their croissant! In fact, I totally agree with what Jesse said about Cafe France's Croissants! "They are God's gift to human kind." And thank God my pandesal-and-egg infected floppy tongue is back to normal again.

Since then I've been going back to Cafe France just to order croissants! I've tried their Chocolate Croissant, Butter Croissant and Choco Almond Croissant and oh..they're perfect with a hot chocolate and sometimes even with the milktea I'd bring. Hehehe

Cafe France is more than your usual coffee shop. They offer a wide selection of great tasting pastries, stomach filling meals and a croissant that doesn't only satisfy one's tongue but snaps you out of your nightmarish egg and pandesal daydreams.

Photos Courtesy of Chic Foodies! Thank you Algene. :-)

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