Happy Birthday to Me!

10:20 AM

At some point during my childhood, folks at home used to spoil me during my birthday. It's like waking up feeling like a millionaire for a day! Don't get me wrong though because none in the family would give me a briefcase full of cash - how I wish! But if I demanded them so, maybe all they can hand to me is a brief. .no case, no cash. Just brief! LOL.

When I wake up everyone greets me with a "Happy Birthday!" which is usually followed by reaching of their pockets and giving me whatever they have. I'm really happy about it and I thank them in response. The most I had was an accumulated P500 with my parents, grandparents and an uncle each giving a hundred peso bill.

Those were the time that all that ever mattered for me was to have a birthday celebration at home. It's usually a very nice celebration with all my relatives attending my birthday, balloons and at least 10 different dishes in the table. I don't receive lots of gifts though but I remember receiving cash from my extinct Godparents.

I get to invite our neighbors who are mostly just our relatives. No! Actually all that I ever invited to my birthday were my relatives. But you know, during celebrations such as birthdays and fiestas you can't help strangers to come in the house and eat. The best thing about celebrating birthday as a child is the preparation. Whenever it's my birthday or my siblings', well let's just say it's my birthday, everyone's busy preparing the food except for my Grandpa. He's really not into that though but anyway there's my grandma in charge of the kitchen. My Dad and Uncle helps my Lola with the main dishes while my Mom's preparing the dessert upstairs. I also remember my Grandmother signing a cross on my forehead using, probably a chicken's blood during my birthday. Aside from all the preparations, I always like it when we go to Church to light a candle and then pray during my birthday. I feel so good afterwards but I feel better when my Dad would ask me "Where do you wanna go?". Then I would whisper "Jollibee!". :-)

I'm not really approved of the thought of celebrating my birthday in school because I think it would be embarrassing for your classmates and teachers to sing you the "Happy Birthday" song in class. But then I remember a time or two where I got the chance to celebrate my birthday in school. It was actually nice and (I think) we brought Spaghetti for everyone. Oh god how I wish I could go back to those times. But I can't and I have to accept the fact that life moves forward and time flies so fast!

The best thing I've ever received on my birthday was a pair of shoes. Those were the shoes I cried for when I was a freshman in high school. It was my birthday then when my Mom told me that she couldn't buy me new shoes. It was my only request but because we were on some sort of a financial turmoil that time my Mom couldn't give me anything on my birthday.

Looking back, I remember how I was really immature that I couldn't understand our situation. That same day, I went to an abandoned house just right behind our house crying about the shoes. I locked myself inside and cried until I fell asleep. The moment I woke up my Dad was knocking on the door with the shoes on his hands. That afternoon I realized how selfish I was but of course I felt thankful and happy afterwards. Since then I never asked or requested anything from my parents. :-) I also accepted the fact that I'm too old for birthday parties and even cakes.

Today, I really don't know how to spend my birthday. Maybe I can go out with friends, watch a movie, buy a book, a shirt, shoes maybe - I don't know! For sure we're going to have a small family dinner later. I also plan to go to church later and thank God for all the blessings, the life and everything despite all the trials for the past 21 years. Maybe, I'll just look for something that will make me happy or spend the day with the people who makes me happy - my family.

Last year, my birthday post was about the Paranoia of being 20. This year I couldn't care less about how old I am. All that matters to me now is to be Happy on my Birthday! :-)

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  1. Woop woop happy birthday Mark! I wasn't really a fan of birthday parties. I'd rather celebrate my birthday with my family and super close friends. And oh, buy mo yung World War Z, I think you'll like it coz you're obsessed with zombies and wars and blood and all that jazz. didn't like the book THAT much kasi iba yung style of writing niya. HAHA!

  2. happy birthday. nice memories of your previous birthdays...

  3. Happy birthday Mark... I'll buy cupcakes for you! Promise!