Eat Like King at The Apo View’s Entrée Restaurant

2:02 AM

Davao has always been a food haven for me. There are lots of food establishments around and they multiply whenever Kadayawan approaches. From street-food stalls, karinderyas, to fast-food chains and restaurants, you will surely enjoy dining on any of the fine food choices in the city.

While promos and discounts run wild from just about everywhere. It won't hurt to treat yourself a royal lunch or dinner by dining at the King of all buffet restaurants in Davao City - The Apo View Hotel's Entree. Besides, Kadayawan is the king of all festivals. Ergo, eat like King!

Aside from the awesome food, make sure you'll catch The Apo View Hotel's line up of events this Kadayawan 2012 which includes cultural and dance performances, fashion, photo and art exhibits, the mouth-watering cupcakes by Sugar Rush at the Kadayawan Bazaar, and the mesmerizing fire dance by Apo Duwaling. The good news? Entrance is free!

 You can actually just visit the place any time - I've done it twice and for no apparent reason. lol.

If you happen to be a tourist, a hotel-guest or someone who just wanted to be a king for a day. I tell you, never ever miss Entree!

Even I, from the far far away Street of Bronze, have come to a feast with the Dukes, Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens at the Entree Restaurant. Ehem. Ehem.

Salad Oh, Init pa! (LOL)

Thy carnivore on its truest. I came to the table to snub the forest. Then I walked down to the sea and enjoyed caridea, maki, sushi and sashimi. 

Henceforth, I ate a sea of food. With bits of carbs but a goody good, good! And now you sing my every word. That rhymes and times with the whole wide world!

But wait! Thou shall not challenge the villagers stomach. To the table I returned to wreak more havoc. Then I saw a land of ham. Of which I smothered with pineapple jam. Then went the meat with streaks of green. Luxurious, pungent, with bits of bean.

And then I saw something sweet! Oh God there's cake and it's grinding my teeth.

While every feast must end with a burp. I went to my table with a stuffed t-shirt. And that's how it is to become a King. To eat with class is to try everything. I think that's all I have for this quest. I'm so honored to be Entree's Royal Guest.

In case you're wondering from which social group I came from. I'm proud to say, I belong to the bloggers who looks like they've just attended JS Prom.

Please hold on a moment. While I try to untangle my tongue. Okay, so. .  after my royal experience I think not Davao as a food haven anymore - but a heaven of food for a King - who can be anyone.

Be a royal guest for only P800. Entrée Restaurant is located at the lobby of Apo View Hotel (Camus St., Davao City). For more information and reservations, please visit Apo View’s website or contact them at (082) 221 6430 to 40.

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  1. HEY MARK. :) This is a WOWER! Thanks much! And your writing style is just so awesome! I'm glad the DB officers made it to the Opening Night. I shall se you guys next guys for the Kadayawan Fiesta 2013!

  2. hmmm... i love the salad so much while it's hot.. hhahahah

    1. Gageee! I wonder what kind of Salad is that? Hahaha