The Super Moon

12:57 AM

At this point, I'm pretty sure some LUNA-tic have already learned one of life's valuable lesson. And that is the harsh reality behind the flaring rays of stardom. She who ruled the primetime night is now reeling after the demise of her once shining light. She was once a star but now nothing but a cold and beaming satellite. Indeed! FAME is something that doesn't last forever. And truth be told, her direction is going the other way around. Spinning and revolving around the dark axis of Midgard. She might be on the forefront among other heavenly bodies. But one may look bigger, act better and appear wiser; still when daylight comes the rays of truth will heal those who were attacked by meteorites.

This is simply the tale of the moon, that once envied the sun, became a star, and transformed back into a moon. Her name is LUNA and she is someone who's appreciated only at night. She became bitter for years and wanted to shine back, but "One Must Wait" she thought. She shifted herself into an axis where she was a nobody, in a place where she could hardly be seen.

But this year rumor spread and many have anticipated for her return. But an unpredictable turn of events ruined her most awaited comeback. And it was then, when she snapped out of her calm light! Because of EARTH.

Earth happened to pass by and caught her by chance. Luna was red. .and mad. So he gave her a special attention. Luna couldn't help it! And with all her might she lit herself 16 percent brighter than her average self. Then she blew beams on earth which landed mostly on Earth's face or was it Luna's lover(?), Blackhole, who showered meteorites leaving dark spots on the earth's surface.

All of what happened isn't very clear to everyone though. In fact, the only evidence Astronomers ought to have couldn't be found because, they say "Our cameras don't work". Oh no!!!

Today, Luna swings about 221,802 miles from Earth, offering sky watchers a magnificent view of her bigger and brighter self. The Earth, on the other hand, had been physically and verbally beaten up. Poor old fella!

He knelt on the ground, looked up to the universe and promised that he will never give up. And I hope soon enough the final verdict will be out.

With all the attention. . .this is how the moon feels now. . .
Evilly grinning from behind her super light. .

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