The Adventures of TAR: Secret of the Fireflies!

12:42 AM

So...I thought I must tell you that I'm taking a break from my 366 Day Project. Well, it's been 4 months since I stopped creating those adorable monster characters. Not that I'm tired of making them. But while it's really time consuming to create those freakin monsters, it was the writing part that discourages me the most. Maybe I find it hard to think of a story related to the characters which I mindlessly draw. Yeah, I draw uninspired most of the time. Or might prolly because I have other blogs to maintain and there's school which takes most of my time and energy. I'm maybe tired. I don't know, the hell with that!

So I figured out - I'd STOP! ?Just take a break. . (have a kitkat), that kind of STOP hopefully.

But that didn't stop me from drawing though. :-D

I mean, if you're really passionate about something you just can't stop it! You can snap out of it for a moment but when days pass by? You'll surely feel bad about yourself. So what I did instead was create illustrations, concept art for a new project. Yes, another project!

Like, I've always wanted to make an animated feature film or be part of making one. My Pixar or Studio Ghibli dream seems so far away from now but I hope I'll make it that far. And like everyone else, I should start with a small but a kick-ass production.

So I thought about making an animated short film of my own. It's still a plan, so I might end up creating a web comics out of the material instead (while studying).

Here are my concept arts and character study for the animated short film I plan to make someday, I hope. While I wish I could do it this year, this month, this week or even today, I'm still not equipped and skilled to do animation yet. I'm not in a hurry, besides I still have Project 366 to finish.

TAR playing with fireflies!
 I've finished writing the story of the new project though. Below's the synopsis!

Some sketches for TAR. . 

Synopsis: The story is about a young Tarsier named TAR. He lives in a village where fireflies serves as guardians of the night. It lights their way and keeps peace around the village. Although Tarsiers are said to be insectivorous, they're not allowed to eat the fireflies because its said to be a forest spirit they call "Guardians" and is considered sacred by them.  Around twilight, TAR spotted humans armed with dagger, guns, torches and one with a shiny thing that produces a beam of light (flashlight) in the forest. He followed them and noticed that they were looking for something. When the beam of the man's flashlight was shone into his eyes, TAR startled and tried to leap to another tree but he fell into the ground. He thought he'd land with a thud but instead he fell onto something soft. And it was YUNA, a white eaglet who was being chased by the humans. When humans noticed them, another chase began with TAR riding on YUNA's back. Unfortunately, YUNA was captured and TAR felt responsible. When nightfall came TAR braved himself and tried to save YUNA by jumping over the man who was carrying YUNA and startled him. Unfortunately, together with YUNA, the man also dropped the torch causing a forest fire. Together with a big part of the forest, fireflies are gone too. Because of his actions, TAR was not allowed to come back to their village without searching for the fireflies. His mission is to find them to restore the balance on their ecosystem. Together with YUNA, TAR will go through series of adventures to discover the secret of the fireflies.
YUNA, waiting for TAR to climb up where he's at.

Uhm..I guess I need your opinion about my overall style! Is it close to Studio Ghibli's? LOL. I mean, is it good? On what areas should I focus for improvement? What else can you say?

I hope the project would make me get closer to my dream job at Pixar or Studio Ghibli. :-) For some reasons, it's really hard to land a job there, but I am determined.

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  1. wow those pictures/ drawings looks really nice!! good way to go and good luck to your dreams dear! xx

  2. your drawing skills is remarkable. hone your skills and i look forward in seeing your animated film someday. keep it up.

    1. Thank you Dimaks!
      I will do that. :D

  3. Now I know why you called yourself Markable... because you are remarkable! I admire your passion, your talent and skills! Kudos!

  4. You're
    The drawing are amazing.
    Just keep it up.

  5. maybe someday you will work at pixar... your work, that's something, bro. good luck sa project. Yahweh bless.

  6. I wish I could draw like that too.

  7. I must say you have a talent! wish I could draw like that. :)

  8. You are good! many can draw but not as good as you are. Hope to see yuor drawing at disney pixar someday.

  9. I like your drawings! Magaling! Thumbs up!

  10. I love fireflies! You've got good drawings here. Keep up the good work and you'll surely achieve your dream :)