Project 366: Day 30 - When A Canker Sores!

11:55 PM

This is one of the worst days of my life. The day I developed again this freakin ulcer in my mouth. Yes, it's the so acclaimed mouth ulcer or canker sore, one of the most painful little bitches comfortably lying on the tip of my precious tongue. Before, it only seconds to the tiny painful bumps on my tongue which I don't know what they're called. But this time around, this canker goes first!

Also known as aphthous ulcer, this damn little thing actually ruined my foodie alter-ego. I can't appreciate food and it also ruined my academic life. It caused me to absent because of sleepless nights with this canker bitch, bitching on my tongue.

Of course I follow proper oral hygiene for I don't want to end up like one of our most talked about frenemy because of his mouth-foulness like literally. lelz. I can afford mouthwash and of course, I can have my mouth checked anytime of the day because our Dentist's just next doors! And I just found out that this canker sore was caused by having low levels of iron and zinc. O__O I need to take vitamins. Like seriously now.

When a canker sores, it's like you're punished for telling lies or for gluttony. . .it's so painful, it hurts like hell. It may be little but when a canker sores!!'s like you're almost dead.

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  1. hahahaha. I feel the same way about these little bastards! they make it so I can't eat, I can barely eat anything, and it hurts to even brush my teeth! I have one currently, and it's the sixth one I've had since mid-January. UGH!