Why Not Leave a Comment?

4:46 PM

I honestly don't receive a lot of comments here on my blog except for some occasional compliments, snide remarks and angry opinions on one rant-post. I've noticed though that whenever I ask my friends to comment (Yeah, I'm that pathetic sometimes!), I don't know, it's like they just couldn't do it or tend not to.

The same case applies to my blog visitors. To date, I get at least 500 visits a day and I always wonder if my visitors ever thought of leaving a comment especially that I end each post with a brief statement asking everyone to start a conversation.

I know it requires a rich, compelling and well-written blog post to draw attention, stir minds and effortlessly make people want to comment; and comment eventually. And I have to admit that I've been writing more boring content lately. But considering most of my commenters / readers are my friends. I wonder though if they have issues with me, my blog or it's just my imagination.

I feel like there's something that prevents them from commenting. Then I asked one of my friends about this matter and he said maybe people are just too busy to drop by a comment. I just nodded but I find the thought quite disappointing especially when I almost begged snapped convincing them to drop by and say something on my post at least.

Even so, it's as if there's a competition going on between us. Although I cannot say that my friends have crab mentality we can't deny the fact that anyone can be unreasonably competitive sometimes - even me! We all like to see our friends get ahead, but not too far ahead. In this case, since blog popularity is mostly ranked by the number of comments and shares - some of these people would deliberately move on and ignore your post. And the worst thing I've experienced was that these people you expect to comment were either mentioned on your post or have shared with you the same experience. (Just so you know, that is primarily the reason why I wrote this.)

While it's gravely saddening to think of it that way. There are still lots of reasons behind why other bloggers and readers don't leave comments. Aside from other probable issues like profundity and the fear of being ignored, questioned and argued. Personal issues also arise like one might have the tendency to come up with a comment of poor sentence construction, wrong spelling and grammar. And get bashed by just merely expressing an opinion. Now that's scary!

I've been reflecting on this for quite some time now and I am honestly dead guilty on some of the reasons I've mentioned. Then I've come to ask myself again, why don't people comment on my posts? Are my posts interesting, boring, so bad? Or they're just afraid to comment/state a public opinion?

If there exist to be doubts, trends or some other reason behind not leaving any comment. That's got to be something we have to disregard for it will kill the essence of blogging. Break free from the tyranny of grammar nazis! Break free from crab mentality!

And as a Blogger, one must also respond to every comment because not only that every comment counts but it is the best way to keep the essence of Blogging. Remember that blogging is a two-way conversation and one must cherish every little reaction to your post - even the shares! Plus, you'll get the credit of being your blog's top commentator. LOL

In the end, commenting would be both beneficial to the author and the commenter - SEO-wise, Traffic-wise, and socially.

If there's anything I have missed or anything you would like to add. I hope that you could enlighten me by giving your two cents below! ;-)


There's really nothing wrong about promoting your blog post and asking people to comment! Just don't look desperate. :-)

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  1. I understand you, I have the same dilemma. I remember posting in my blog before: "I feel like being raped everyday. People come and people go without leaving a comment." Tapos ang nakakatawa, may anon na nag-comment & much to my surprise, galit. Sabi niya kung bakit daw kelangan kung pilitin ang mga visitors na mag-comment eh kung ayaw naman. Di na raw siya babalik sa blog ko. I don't know if I'll be pissed or matatawa. Ayun, inalis ko na lang yung post na yun.

    Pero minsan talaga, guilty din ako. Kapag di nagko-comment sakin ang blogger, di rin ako magko-comment sa kanya. Hahaha. I'm immature like that.

  2. True, but sometimes I receive comments na "Cool." or "How much did you pay for this and that" pero nakasulat man sa post. Makalagot pud. Pero IDK ha, I love comments na long tapos personal. Parang may instant connection. Meganon?!

  3. @Hoobert: Thanks. I can also be like that but as much as possible I reciprocate with blog comments. :D

    I love the idea of connecting with other bloggers especially those who have taken time to comment on my posts.

  4. @Renz: Indeed! But that's the other side of this story. It's when bloggers, readers, friends or strangers need not have commented. :-) MEGANON talaga!! I love lengthy comments too! :D

  5. AWTS naman. Mambabasa lang ako, hindi talaga ako mahilig magdrop by ng comments. xD

  6. @Princess: Of course not! You're not just a reader - you're a Blogger now. Not that you have to always comment on every post you read but we now share the same interest and it would be nice to hear from you.

    I'm really glad you said something, finally though. lol.

    That reminds me! I find it somehow strange when people would talk to me in person about something they've read on my blog and yet when I check the post, I got no comments from them. O_O

    Thanks for your comment Cess! :)

  7. that's why there are daily comments exchange threads on various blogger groups so that they will help you to go up in the blogging ranks.

  8. I agree with these reasons. Mostly worries about the structure of their comment and the reactions of other readers to it. :) I myself is worried sometimes if my comment would really have sense..

    But maybe.. some can't really say anything to the blog post.. well just maybe

  9. @Ivan: Yeah, just how you stumbled on this post I guess!
    Even by commenting, you can rank up by building links.

    Thanks. XD

  10. @LaDyXciD: We can't easily get the fear or worry away from people especially with readers. But Bloggers? They're quite immune of expressing their thoughts through their blogs. Does it make any difference if they express it on a comment thread and write it on a comment box?

    I'm not sure, but I for one, knows they've got something running on their head while reading a blog post. And if they benefited from reading that post, then I think it's a common courtesy to drop by a comment at least.

  11. cam visit and found your blog is useful? XD well, nice meeting you~ ^U^
    I've been in this situation also :O ,not much people comment ><" ( and i don't know why ~D8

  12. Hello~came and visit your blog and found out your blog is creative :D and it helps me alot :)
    well, I do have same problem like you do :) which most reader didn't comment on my blog =.= and, i was like can't sleep at night,thinking why reader didn't comment? then finally realise i was so desperate of this .so i stop thinking..lol

  13. I know I've left a comment here before. I even bookmarked your site, just so I could go here from time to time, but there are just times when even if I want to bloghop, I'm not able to do so; if I am able to do so, however, I find myself just reading posts and not leaving comments, so I, too, am guilty of that. heehee.

    I blog not mostly because I want people to comment on my posts, but because I feel it's my best outlet for my personal thoughts, especially because I am in corp comm, I write for a living, but I write for somebody else, not myself. When people take the time to comment, knowing how busy we all are, I really appreciate them for it.

    I'm really not sure why you are blogging. If it's to earn from it, then you might really have a reason to be bothered. Otherwise, I'd say you should be fine, especially with 500+ views in a day. My highest is only about 350+ and that's already more than enough for me :-)

  14. @Rascat: Thank you! I visited your blog and I find your drawings creative too! :D Although I've not come to a point of not being able to sleep at night, I still feel for you in a way that I sometimes get mad when I don't receive comments after sharing my post.

    You know? The feeling of seeing a comment that needs to be moderated on your dashboard is just so wonderful I can't help but crave for more. XD

  15. Hi Ate Kaye! First of all, I'm not really into the idea of earning here on my personal blog. I do, however, earn from my other blogs. But I'm not really bothered about people-not-commenting-whatsoever because I will earn if they would. So yeah, I'm actually fine, thanks.:-)

    But if there is anything I'd like to earn through my blogs, it's a good and useful discussion on posts such as this.

    I blog, not only because I feel it's an outlet for my personal thoughts and emotions but for my creativity as well. I blog to learn, discover, meet and interact with people. And since blogs, unlike any static website allows you to interact with your readers then might as well build a community discussion which can be a foundation of a good relationship between bloggers alike and their readers.

    Commenting is actually a good opportunity to be heard and to meet your readers. Like, I would never have known that you bookmarked my blog if you didn't leave that comment. WOW! That's so sweet! <3 Thank you again. :D

  16. you're welcome. :-) for some reason, I actually visit more the sites I bookmarked than those that are included in my blogroll. haha!

  17. Ohhhhh... I've added you on my blogroll by the way. :D

  18. di lang ako nagcocoment noon kasi akala ko may sign up pa,blah blah(refer to your 20 website that i hate)ngunit di pla.

  19. i want to comment sana pumasok to