Project 366: Zipping, Zapping & Zorbing in Davao City!

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Project 366: Days 14, 15,16 | Zip, Zap, Zorb!
Because I haven't done any character designs for the past three days, let me cope up with my Project 366 with these three awezome rodent monzterz!

It's been 3 days already and I am still awestruck by how fantastic our Weekend Getaway was! Last Saturday was the shooting day of our Travel Show's teaser trailer, and it was really fun going through series adrenaline-pumping adventures with my co-hosts Renz and Juy, and of course with our immediate director, Direk Andrew.

First off, we went to Davao Crocodile Park to randomly shoot video stills of Crocs, Eagles, colorful birds, either shy or non-existing Lizards, snobbish Orangutans, cute but smelly civet cats, water puddles(pronounced as POODLELOL), and a green-pooping evil Cassowary.

And ohh..we spotted this. .

But of course, we did our thing in front of the camera if you must know! :-p
BTS footage for Let's Get Lost!  

Later we went to Riverwalk for a delicious and exotic lunch! 
And I still I couldn't get over the Crocodile Sisig!

(from Left to Right) 1. Bihud(Roe) / 2. Crocodile Sisig / 3. Chicken Barbecue /
Sweet Spot's Ice Cream w/ Crocodile Eggs (Croc Eggs Not available yet)

And after that, we went into a crazy hamster ball ride called "Zorbing". This is actually my first time to try the so acclaimed Davao Zorb. Although I've been to the Zorv Park last May, during Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2011, I never had the chance to try it because I had no partner.

But this time around, I had Juy as my Zorbing buddy. Yey!

So we went inside the super smooth, cool and comfy orb and Mr. Zorbman started to strap us on its opposite ends. When everything was settled, they just suddenly pushed the Zorb downhill. And I was terribly shock! Ganun? Ganon lang? Walang Countdown? So, Ganon nalang ngayon Mr. Zorbman??

It felt as though someone was zapping me with electricity from my feet. Then the electricity went through my nerves, veins, muscles even fats until it reach my head. The next thing I know, I was screaming to my lungs.

While inside the rolling zorb, the sky, the grass, the zorb and your screaming partner are all you'll ever see. It was fun, funny and a horrible experience for someone who gets easily dizzy like me.

Although I managed to calm down in the middle, Zorbing is indeed an adrenaline pumping, nerve wracking experience! And I realized how hard it is to become a hamster!! Hahaha.

After Zorbing, we went to Zip City to try the friendliest Zipline in town!! With the thrill-seeker that I am, I've been into several Ziplines already. Been to the highest, longest, fastest Zipline rides in Mindanao but I have to admit that I never got scared with Zip City's zip line. It's very friendly and safe at that! Perfect for first timers. LOL :-)

Now, if you want to have some fun in Davao City. Don't dare miss these exciting adventures by visiting Davao Crocodile Park, Davao Zorv Park and Zip City!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, here's a short video clip of our Zipping, Zapping and Zorbing in Davao City. And ohhh, by the way, that's not our teaser yet. ;-p

Zip and Zorb - Davao City from RM Bulseco on Vimeo.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A My oh my, that was a wonderful day! :-)

Important Notice: All Images on this post are owned by either Juy Nacorda or Renz Bulseco. And taken by our awesome director! :-)

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  1. Cute ang cartoons pero medyo creepy kasi mukhang mga daga. Haha!

    1. Mga, daga nga yan ate Ri! lelz
      Injected my project on our Weekend Getaway!! :D

  2. Exciting and enjoyable the zorb thing ^_^

    1. Yeah!! Nakatry ka na kuya faust?? hehehe

  3. Ganahan ko sa caption when we were at the zorb! Very much what I said all throughout the ride! OMG OMG OMG!!! xDD

  4. Nawala ang poise ni Juy sa Zorb. OH MAY GAAAAAAAAAD! Hahahahaha