Project 366: Day 9 - Productive Mondays!

7:52 AM

It's a Monday!! And things have gone accordingly since morning. No Class! There was nothing to worry about. And I was very productive writing stories. I was also able to update my other blogs. And sketch something in preparation of my travel blog.

Prodopus is one of the smartest monster in the ocean. They try to stay busy, for they hate being bored. They are efficient eaters and can learn new skills using their six pointed tentacles.

Nothing special or memorable happened today. But I just realized since the start of this semester, Monday has always been a productive day for me! :-D I used to hate Monday until now. <3

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  1. Me too since Monday was a signal for a new day at school..

    1. O__O I still hate mondays. THanks for dropping by. :)