Project 366: Day 7 - Crushes!!

2:02 AM

I'm quite dubious about having this posted last night because a lot of emotions fluttered when I got surrounded by beauties yesterday. Haha!! And last night, I couldn't help but throw occasional glances over that pop and pretty fashion blogger!! Alam na. Shhh..sadly, I haven't gotten a chance to formally introduce myself to her and to the other fab fashion bloggers as well.

Meet Crushee the mischievous mythical monster that
has the ability to compel fondness! He's said to be
the pet of Cupid.
Anyway, the Runway Fashion Preview 2012 at Abreeza was spectacular! It was my first time to watch an actual catwalk! The whole experience was awesome!! :-)

But meeting her, would have been very awesome! lolz.

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  1. what prevented you from introducing yourself, then? if you did, you'd know now if she's really as awesome as you believe her to be. :)

  2. LOL. Because I was too shy. (-_-)

  3. Ayeeeeeee! <3 <3 <3 Pero bitaw she's soooo gorgeous!

  4. @Renz: Hahahaha. As in!! May crush na ako ulet. lol