Project 366: Day 6 - Sweet and Minty Friday!

1:41 PM

I just love Friday!!! It's that day of the week when most people would Thank God because it's Friday! It's that day of the week where the youth would go out for party at night; And it's that day of the week when most people with day jobs are done with their works.

Not that I only Thank God on Fridays, because I thank him everyday. Not that I go out for party on a Friday night because I'm not a partyphile and not that I have plenty works to finish because I don't have a day job just yet, technically. But that's what most people do! And apparently, I don't belong where most people are because I'm not pang-masa! lels. 

Kumo-conyo lang??  Hahaha. 

But there's something about this day, Friday, that made me feel like I'm one of the luckiest people in the world. Hehehe. It's the first Friday of the year and this day seemed to be my luckiest so far especially that not all young people can be on such when it eventually, happens. Naks, and what is that? 

Bad things may happen like missing a class and a long quiz or going to another place assuming that's where the meeting will take place and then after ordering a P110 worth Minty Latte you'll realize you're at the right time, but in the wrong place. But that's just alright. LOL

Meet Candymint, a sweet and minty monster. She loves playing
skipping rope and loves sprinkling candies. While she can  rarely  be seen
because she's a Christmas spirit, Candymint sometimes appear on people
who's having a bad day! Just open your palm in front of her and rest assured
you will have your candy.
 A day of joy and merriment awaits those who will eat eat her candy! :-)

I'm sure those are all forgivable mistakes. What's going to be unforgivable is to let this big opportunity pass by! 

So, Today, I had a productive meeting together my Davao Bloggers Colleague/friends and a channel manager of a cable TV Network. And things went so well that I therefore conclude productive meetings don't always have to take place in a conference table, that it don't always end by saying "meeting is adjourned", that time is very unpredictable on meetings and that people will just, one by one, leave you alone. (unsure)

And while we still have to sit through some of the details this coming Monday. I'm happy and proud to say that Juy, Renz and I will have a travel show.The show tentatively entitled "Let's Get Lost", aims to promote traveling on a shoestring budget, help domestic tourism particularly in Mindanao and change the negative impression that people have towards Mindanao. Char, but true! Hahaha
And finally, I won't be using the aforementioned reasons in the intro anymore just so I could, in reverse psychology, introduce how Friday's are to me! Because from now on, Friday's are going to be the start of something great! As it was Sweet and Minty today. 


If you must know, this day couldn't be any sweeter if I didn't drink my favorite Black Magic + Pudding Milktea! <3

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  1. Meetings nowadays are conducted in a cozy coffee shop. :) and your 366 character reminds me of an anime, kalimot na ko. haha cute!

  2. @Renz: Hehehe. . yeah, coffee shops ftw! I actually thought of Doraemon and MY Melody when I drew Candymint. She looks more like a little girl though! Hehehe. :D

  3. i like your 366 project. it make me somehow realize something. Anyways, i found your blog because i was looking for the title of the song and artist of McDonald's new TV commercial.. pretty cool..

  4. @Junrey: Thanks! I wonder what you've realized though! hehe. .
    Ahhh..the Mcdonalds tv commercial is pretty cool, I've been wondering about who sang it too but I know it was done by Revolver Studios. And music was scored by Loudbox. :D