Project 366: Day 5 - A Day with Hellaphy!

6:17 PM

I probably had more than enough sleep the other day and last night that I was not able to publish the Day 5 of my Project 366 until now. I was able to create the graphic yesterday though, that's why I believe even this is quite a delayed post, I have not missed any day of my Project 366, still. Hehehe!

Because of a really tight schedule filled with exams, quizzes and laboratory work, I immediately passed out tired when I got to bed. Being at school while you're not feeling well is really sick and I will never do that again!

I honestly don't have much to say because nothing great happened at school, I was sick and I was not really paying much attention to what's happening around me yesterday. But perhaps the only highlight of my day was by becoming a REAL JEJETARIAN after eating street BBQ and fish balls for lunch. :-)

So yesterday was a SNEEZY and SNOOZY day!! To my other classmates, it was SNOTTY, that's why I still consider myself lucky. Hehe.

Anyway, here's Hellaphy, he's hell of an elephant-type monster but he's more just than that.
He uses his cape to fly up a bit but still with his weight he lands. 
I don't know how to relate this monster to my day but maybe I created an elephant like monster to represent people who went crazy and through constant sneezing had their noses stretched by their colds.

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  1. Jejetarian! HAHAHA Ano ka man uy!!! Nakatawa jud ako ba!

  2. @RM Bulseco: Jejetarian - an awesome person who's fond of eating "street foods". Name was derived from the the pop culture phenomenon in the Philippines called "Jejemon" + the suffix -arian. lols

    1. Created a blog called Jejetarian by the way! All about street foods. :p

  3. pagaling ka mark! :D goodluck sa project 366 mo. ngayon lang ako naka basa ng prject 366 xD ang pagkaka alam ko kasi 365 xD hihi. That elephant is so adorable. I wish I had a talent like yours. xD

  4. @Jen: Thanks. Yeah, and I noticed you've been blogging almost everyday too. kudos and good luck din sayo. hehe

    And yes, it's 366 because 2012 is a leap year! :-)
    And that's what makes this project not only challenging but special.