Project 366: Day 4 - Kozzi!

8:19 AM

I woke up around 9 o'clock this evening with terrible headache, my cold has gotten worse and I remember that I should have woken up 5 hours earlier. And I just skipped 2 classes, a meeting and I'm starting to hate myself again.

I never should have said "10 minutes! I will take a nap for 10 minutes". Because 10 minutes equaled to 6 and a half hours of sleep. While I honestly skipped my physics class because I went home around 1 o'clock because of an upset stomach and end up being late on the subject. After going to the bathroom I went straight to bed and said I'll take a nap for a while.

First, because I need to get online to download and print a Websketch for a 5:30 PM class activity. Second to meet my friends at a coffee shop and discuss about our tv project by 7:00 PM and lastly I always wanted to have dinner somewhere else apart from home.

But sleeping! Snuggling on your bed, under your covers, your comforter and hugging your pillow in a dim-lighted room and the cold afternoon weather. It was sooo irresistible that I seemed to have forgotten all my plans for the rest of the day. My sincere apologies to the people who were expecting for my precious presence, anyway!! :-)

Meet Kozzi, a marsupial monster who sleeps for most of the day. When he
feels threatened his body has the tendency to react, sleepwalk and
defend his sleeping self. All he ever does is eat and sleep. Beware though
because when you stare at him for more than 30 secs, you'll
start yawning and you wouldn't even know you already fell asleep.
Although If I were to be on the events I have missed, it may not seem like I'm actually around. I maybe irritable, nervous, impatient, so-not-me and I don't think I can do good on any activity especially that I didn't have any decent sleep since the holidays and also last night. It's my fault anyway and the cozy atmosphere at home.

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  1. Hahahaha! Wag mong dibdibin nung hindi ka nakapunta kanina! :D Madali naman kaming kausapin ni Juy eh. And yeyyyyy thanks for your pambawi treat! Didn't expect it baya. :P :))

  2. @RENZ: Hahaha. Ganyan mag-react ang mga guilty eh. Although hindi sinadya, yun din nga, wala na akong magagawa. hehehe.

    Madali nga kayong kausapin, manakot ba? at sino raw yung ipapalit sa akin?Hehehe. No biggie about the pambawi treat anyway, tse! Para naman siputin nyo na ako pag ako mag invite manood ng sine! :p

  3. Natawa ako dun sa 10 minutes. Apir, same here. Ganyan din ako especially nung college. Kaya 3 alarms ang sine-set ko every night. Ang notorious kaya ng first class teacher namin. HAHAHA.

  4. @Hoobert: 3 alarms? 2 lang sa akin. Pero for sure, that does not include asking your mom to wake you up after a couple of minutes. Hahaha.

    What's up with first subject teachers!?? Ang notorious nila!! >_<