Project 366: Day 3 - As Slothy as Slowthy!

7:59 AM

First day of school and I feel very lazy!

Like a sloth sluggishly climbing up a tree,
I didn't feel any pressure when I'm supposed to be in a hurry.

I just want to be cool on the first day of school
And didn't want to sweat like I just emerged from the pool.

So I went to the library and skipped my first subject.
I read a book about quantum physics but failed to connect.
This is Slowthy, an arboreal monster which you
cannot count on. He's too lazy to even care about
your brand of Roll-on.
So I went inside the computer laboratory
Then under the confines of my blog, my virtual territory.
After that, I went out to attend Theology.

Theology it is! I couldn't help but yawn.
It's like the boredom I get, whenever it's dawn.
Our teacher said "Divide the class into six groups".
Then by group, we answered a puzzle with biblical scoops.

And I was yawning again while doing our research
As drowsy as most people you see in the church!
Then finally came heaven when morning class was over!
I can finally rest my New Year's Eve hangover.

I went to 360 Degrees and  to get my milktea!
Then I slept the whole afternoon until it went 3:00.
Went to meet my lawyer to file a case.
Then proceeded to school to crack my braincase.

And this is how my day was. . .
And this is how I was. .
As slothy as Slowthy,
A sloth like monster who's always lazy.

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