Project 366: Day 22 - Crocodile Encounter!

4:52 AM

I've never had a dream about crocodiles, and it's been years since I've seen one. The last time was perhaps, when I was in still Junior high, during our Scout Jamboree, the time we had a side-trip on a nearby animal center. Well, it was all part of our Nature trek and I remember being really happy that time. It was so funny then, like the crocodile we spotted had his mouth opened so wide that I. . uhmm..well, I threw a coin inside its mouth. (I know it's not funny when you talk about it now!) Nah, so silly of me back then. So naughty of me, actually! But I have changed. For over the years, karma's a bitch and fear grew inside me. The fear to some wicked and deadly animals. Theoretically, this is the downside of watching too much monster movies.

So, last Saturday I had a close encounter with a crocodile. A very close encounter indeed. So close that he was just a few inches away from me. Imagine, a few damn inches away from my precious body. And in a split second the damn crocodile jumped on to me. And I said to myself, "Chrissake! I haven't even read "How to Deal with Friggin Crocodiles for Dummies". A sequel of "How to Train Your Dragon" with Dragons being replaced by Crocodiles might be helpful though, or so I thought. Then I was screaming inside my head, "Don't you dare eat me". I've developed fats around my body and that'll be very unhealthy for a crocodile to eat!!

As he jumped, everything was like in slo-motion. was freaking me out! Like how am I gonna survive the day with a saltwater crocodile front of me? Well, it may seem obvious to you that I apparently survived the dilemma because I'm writing about it now. But that doesn't mean, I've fully survived.

Because the time, the freaking crocodile landed on my arms. I felt like I was gonna die. I was calm at first but ohh...son of a man-eating, stinky, scaly, holy beast - Please, put this little crocodile to sleep!

Then, I cooled down and so he was. Then I became comfortable with him on my bare hands that I forgot to tighten my grip. And he started shaking around making me shout "Ohh..mayy..Ghshh.". Since the crocodile I'm talking about is a baby crocodile, I thought I'd be gentle to him like how I would normally hold babies. But NO!! That's basically not the way on how to hold a baby crocodile. The proper way is that you'll sort of put more pressure, say force on your grip. Make your grip stronger, because if not, they'll feel there's a way to escape from your hands - they'll definitely take that chance. Remember not to put much hatred to it though because you might end up killing it by strangulation. lol

I was told he doesn't have any name so I named him "Krocko". But he didn't like the name for he started shaking again like he's got epilepsy. So I gave him back to the man who allowed us to get to know the little crocodile, Krocko, who probably needs some sleep! HAHAHA.

Note: Krocko didn't actually jumped, more like he was passed on to my by my friend. . I was the one who jumped. With it's cold, ewwy skin, you'll definitely feel jumpy holding it.

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