Project 366: Day 21 - Kawatarō!

4:51 AM

I've always been a fan of myths and folklore and just recently I came across creatures or sprite found in Japanese folklore. Having watched quite a lot of animes, there's a particular legendary creature that I got so curious about and that's the legendary "Kawatarō".

A Kawataro is said to have beak, turtle's shell and
A Kawataro is also called Kappa which literally means "river-child". They're said to be mischievous troublemakers who makes pranks which sometimes result to drowning innocent people. Here in the Philippines, we don't have our own version of a Kawataro but superstitiously, we blame drowning accidents on either mermaids, ghosts or environmental spirits.

However, in an episode of a particular Shake Rattle and Roll movie, we had little frog-like monsters found in the lake which was called "Undin". Well, we also have "Syokoy" but these Filipino sea creature myths don't seem to sound as friendly as a Kawataro.

During Summer, my cousins and I would always walk pass by the riverside. It's part of our daily nature-tripping around our village. And one of my cousins would always say she saw something in the water. Then I would also tease them it's a crocodile and it's gonna eat us, so we always end up running on our way home.

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