Project 366: Day 19 - Where's Justice?

6:24 AM

I hated the fact that I needed to absent last Thursday because my Mom was nagging about "When I am goin to follow up my goddamn case?". Yes, I have a case. And in case you wanna know, I'm currently searching for JUSTICE for an intellectual property case against a footwear company that stole my character designs, had them printed on their flip flops and distributed them, probably, on a NATIONWIDE scale!!

Although I honestly wanted to absent because my knees got sore from walking last Wednesday Night. I don't think, going to a particular government agency (or agencies) would be helpful (and worthwhile) since I was told and I've also observed that the judicial system in the Philippines is slow. Although when I went to the City Council for consultation about two weeks ago, they were very kind and helpful there. But then my Mom insisted and so there I was.

I went to 3 Gov't agency offices and then what I gained were the same words I've gotten from the first office, to the second till the last. And I was like some unfinished document that's being pass from an office to another.They told me that I have to register this and that, need to pay for this and that and then attack! BUT, they can't reassure me, how long the case is going to be. Having been told by my Atty., that my works are protected by the copyright law of the Phils. right on the date of its creation. And with that, I really believed I have a chance on this case. But Where's Justice? When I haven't even fully and officially filed a case.

I have to do all these by myself, and by doing so I will have to jeopardize my education, my blogging and my work. But then Justice must be served. I just hope I could easily contact that company, so I could just bill them and all but it seemed like they've hidden their asses to anonymity and I couldn't get their contact number.This is unfair, they're making money out of my creations!

Wait for it you, *****! Just give me time. No pressure, and no more important things at risk and I shall go find JUSTICE, myself.

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  1. Dapat lang. Seek justice. Suportahan taka jud. Anong pangalan ng company na `to at mag-wewelga ako sa opisina nila.

    Keep me updated, k?

  2. For some reasons, I cannot name the company's name here on my blog. It may be used against me. lelz. Hmm..Thanks sa support, i-PM ko sayo in case malapit lang office nila sa