Project 366: Day 18 - Pingles!

11:38 PM

Because of my great desire to lose weight, I unintentionally walked a lot last Wednesday with an additional 3KG weight for my laptop. My class schedule was hectic so it was really kind of a challenge for me.

Part of my Wednesday routine was at least a 5-minute stair climb up on a 6-storey building, walk from school down to the highway, then after a 15-minute jeepney ride I would walk from the highway to the Annex campus, a walk from a milk tea shop to school as punishment for not having resisted the cool milky goodness and awesomeness of pearls red milk tea (lol), and a quite unfair loooooong walk from school to our house.

I feel like being cursed or something then, because on my way home from school, not a single trike passed by. I would have ridden a taxi though, if I've got enough money but to think school and home is at least 10 minutes away from each other via a trike; I thought, why not try to walk my way back home?

SO I WALKED. I WALKED, than spend 50+ pesos on Taxi and feel as though I wasted my money for sitting for only a couple of sec. I WALKED feeling I'd save Mother Nature if I did so. I WALKED thinking I'm going to lose a couple pounds without doing any calorie deficit diets. I WALKED believing it's safe to walk around at night here in Davao City. I WALKED groaning because my feet hurts already. I WALKED bashing the Government for placing all the City's trash bins on the left side of the road when ideally, walking on the left side of the road is much more safer and now there exist these nasty bins on the left, which would suffocate you with a killer stench. I WALKED ranting about the potholes on the road. I WALKED thinking about if I should blog that experience or not. I WALKED feeling so self-conscious about why people from the other side of the road were looking at me. I WALKED with paranoia when each streetlight turned off when I went pass under them. I WALKED feeling like I was being chased by death. I WALKED believing it's not to safe to walk around at all. I WALKED thinking I've got to be on a calorie deficit diet. I WALKED feeling, Mother Nature would prefer if I'll plant some tree than WALKING.  I WALKED saying "I should have ridden a Taxi, my Mom's gonna have to pay for fare anyway".

But then, I continued the journey and walked until my knees got friggin tired. And Pingles! I'm at home safe, sound and tired. O__O

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