Project 366: Day 13 - Friday The 13th!

8:03 PM

A lot of great things happened last Friday. So great that I almost did not expect it would end so badly. So after all the fun watching Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows and then going to a coffee shop to laugh out some more. I just. . . just never thought I would lose a cat again. Poor nameless cat! She was kinda one of my favorite.

Friday the 13th is deceitful! I just when I thought it would be a great day, since 13 is my day of birth and I've been quite lucky over the past few Friday 13th's of my life including my Friday the 13th birthdays - this day came and reminded me of those crying moments of losing pet cats.

I've lost 6 favorite pet cats to death over the years and I've cried so hard when chippy died.

Full name: Chippybell 
Chippy, by the way, is my 3rd cat. We actually had a not-so-good start as friends. Coincidentally, it was Friday the 13th when we first encountered each other.

 He was still a stray and wild kitten then. Meowing from inside a pile of chopped woods. My brother tried to grab him out from where he was but it bit him. And because he pained my brother, I went mad and worried that I grabbed a stick, pained the cat somehow, until he went out of the stupid firewood pile.

Later, the poor cat was caged. . . in a bird cage. LOL. And I couldn't remember how we just became friends after that. He started being nice to me. .we fed him and eventually freed him and started treating him as a pet.

Then weeks, months and years came that Chippy was considered to be everyone's favorite cat in the family. Although he can sleep anywhere, at night he just wouldn't leave my bed. He became a great pet cat and he's quite funny too. I remember one time when I brought him to our store. A kid was going to buy a candy when he went near the kid and he pissed on poor kid's face. LOL

Ohh..I really miss Chippy and so as our other cats. Causes of deaths are either, they're very sick or unfortunately they'd get ran over by damn speeding cars. Today is one of the saddest Friday the 13th. :-(

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