Project 366: Day 12 - Fire Drills!

7:41 PM

An elemental monster that has the ability to control or summon fire.
Last Tuesday morning, we had a seminar about fire emergency at school. I was not paying attention because I couldn't hardly see the spokesperson as was I seated on the last row in the balcony of the auditorium.

Although I was informed that we will go through series of fire drills in the coming days. I never thought things are going to be on a very dramatic level as time nears the last fire drill which is reportedly going to be 'realistic'. The first two drills didn't have any great impact though or it could be that I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere under the extreme heat of the sun which actually hurts more than the imaginary fire on the building.

But since this is my first time to experience a fire drill, I find it quite fun at least. Don't get me wrong though, I mean in real-life fire emergencies you wouldn't even consider it fun but after all, it's just a drill and everybody seemed to be happy about it. (Especially students because when fire alarms are activated, it also means that their concurrent classes are postponed!).

Back when I was in High School, we actually had an earthquake drill. And the way I see it, Earthquake drills are a lot funner (say dramatic) than fire drills because you would tend to act as though the earth was really shaking or was it just me? LOL. You know things like, heading for cover under desks, tables, chairs and then proceed to the evacuation phase!? That was fun for me then. While in Fire Emergencies, you just have to be alert and get out of the building as soon as possible. *Well that sounds more practical but for a drill?? I don't know.* I would love to see someone crawling on his hands and knees, above the toxic fumes while eyes closed until he reaches the exit though.

Still we have to admit that fires are more likely to happen than earthquakes, so seriously having this Fire Drill is key to our safety and protection -not just on school's but on all buildings and establishments as well.

And I really appreciate the initiative and efforts of our University for coming up with this great fire emergency plan. Yehey! Postpone, Postpone! lol. :-)

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  1. Lol. I remember nagkaron din kami ng ganyan nung high school. Grabe din yung tuwa ko cos delayed yung start ng classes. Tapos may mga wang-wang. Pero nawala yung tuwa ko ng malaman kong yung kunwa-kunwariang sunog sa classroom namin magaganap. E natural, basa ang mga gamit namin. At di man lang nag-sorry yung mga bombero. Wala pa naman kaming insurance ng mga classmates ko. Hahaha.

    1. Sorry late reply.Hahahaha!! Fail naman yung drill nyo, tinotohanan talaga ang pambabasa!