Project 366: Day 11 - Limebeak!

5:38 AM

I honestly don't know how to relate the monster character design I made to this day. It's a funny and quite embarrassing Tuesday. Like when I jumped out of the trike that stopped in front of the school gate. My backpack's left strap got stuck on the edge of the trike's front seat.

Since I was out of driver's sight, trying to pull my bag out on the side of the street, the driver suddenly drove his trike so fast that almost flew while grabbing my backpack.

Indeed I looked like a flightless bird trying to break away from a chain that happens to be attached on a speeding train. Nuks. :-D

Meet lime-beak, a flightless type of bird living in the tropics. 
 He only feeds on lime and that's where he got 
his lime-colored skin, eyes and beak.

Then the driver noticed. He stopped but I was like 5 blocks away from the school gate. Yes, that far that most of the people who've seen it laughed so hard that I believe I really made their day. Although I felt embarrassed, it was nice to experience such. I mean, who would have thought that I'd trend on twitter for that. Joke! Truth is, I just didn't want my day to get ruined. I was early at school then, I felt so positive and I started my day right.


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