Project 366: Day 10 - Woke Up From A Nightmare Crying!

9:55 PM

Last night, I had a wild and heartbreaking dream. The dream was almost like a complete movie. It was divided into two segments though. The second segment happened a year after the first. But like most dreams, the dream skipped from time to time. But what surprised me is that unlike most of my dreams, the thought, the visualization, the story was nearly polished and not a single scene went funny or out of place.

A gloomy playful monster spirit who causes people
to have nightmares.
In case you're wondering here's the synopsis of my dream:
An environmentalist visited a decades-old dam to check if it can still hold more water. That is, to prepare the people for an impending storm that will hit the region anytime. A few miles away from the dam is an industrial district where Mark, the environmentalist stayed with a family who's living up on the 4th floor of an 8-storey tenement. A few hours later, the storm hit their town breaking the dam into large pieces until it became a story of survival for the family, the people living in the apartment and to Mark.A year later Mark will experience haunting from summoners, ghost and flashbacks that will eventually break his heart.

This is actually why I wanted to turn this blog into a dream journal, well maybe after telling you about that story on a separate post I might as well officially rebrand as a creative dream blog. Oh, diba??

But still that was a nightmare, I would never forget. For not only that it reminded me about the Nature's revenge but its a heartbreaking story of a family from a stranger's viewpoint.

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