Project 366: Day 1 - Wobbly Sea Creatures!

5:19 AM

While floating in the sea I encountered this tiny monster called "Wobble". He looks kinda cute and silly but he's really dangerous. He's a water bacteria who's mostly found on shores. He's a monster genus of a various group of single-cell eukaryotic organisms called Protozoa.

I was just happily floating around when this little thing approached me. He then started wobbling around making waves which gave me a crazy motion sickness. After a while, a few more wobble emerged in front of me. They circled around and I suddenly feel funny. .I was itching, and I eventually ran away.

If spotted! Do not approach.
Later on, my cousins and I decided to go back home most especially because I felt gassy already. It must be diarrhea!! -__-

Curse those pesky wobbles!! The next time you go to the beach, beware of them!

Moral Lesson: Don't go swimming on public and crowded beaches, there's lots of them there!!

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