Are Conyo People Funny, Creative or Just Annoying?

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You see them on schools and Universities, on fast-food chains and restaurants, on spa's and coffee shops, and more often than not you see them on shopping centers, malls and on Kris TV. These are creatures of the upper upper society who loves saying "OMG! I should buy that talaga!" while jabbing their index finger on a newly displayed item on a shop window.

These are the people on top of the social hierarchy who are fond of using the portmanteau of the words "Tagalog" and "English" or Taglish, the official language of The Conyo People. I remember one incident on a restaurant where two girls were on a table sitting right next to us.

  • Girl 1: Shocks Girl! I am so Imbyerna with my driver kanina. Like, he made ikot-ikot around the parking lot while there's plenty of vacant lots naman. I'm gonna look for a new driver na! Nakakaloka.
  • Girl 2: Really? Well that reminds me, one time our family driver parked our car like miles away from the Mall. I thought it was around somewhere I could easily find so I made lakad towards the parking lot. It was so mainit that day and it was so nakakangawit walking with shopping bags on both hands. Mas Nakakaloka!
  • Girl 1: Really? (forced laughter). Can you make bantay my things, banyo muna ako ha!

Forgive me for being such an eavesdropper but you see? Not only that they're certified conyo's but it seems there's going to be a riff between them!! If we didn't leave early we could have seen them make sapak to each other.

While conyo-speaking is mostly done by maaarte and mayayaman na girls. Mama's boys also tend to say in such manner. In our school, I find it odd that most boys use the "conyo" language over girls. Just like after a long quiz two of my male classmates were having a conyo convo.

  • "Fuck, Pare! We should have passed our papers sa quiz kanina."
  • "Dude, as if naman, may na answeran tayo!"
  • "I might fail in the subject, dead na naman ako kay Mama."

You may also consider half-pinoy's because of their slang accent they sound so conyowh! Consideh this convohw from a TV commercial by the Philippine Azkals.

  • Chieffy: “Kainan na!”.
  • Phil: “Eating with your bare hands. So primitive.”
  • Ian: “It’s pinoy style. ”
  • Chieffy:“Tara Phil. Tikman mo to. Ewe.”
  • Phil: “Ewe? What’s ewe?”
  • Everyone: “Pwet ng manok!”
  • Phil: “Uy! Panalo toh ah. .
    Oh!? Anong tinitingin-tingin niyo jan? Chibowg na!”

There's also a consideration for middle class people who are either greatly influenced by the trend or their upper upper friends. Unlike the people of the upper class, these middle class people are adventurous enough to try street foods and food stalls where you may find them saying. .

"Uy, let's make tusok tusok na the fishballs!".
"Gosh, ang sarap naman this Kwek Kwek! Manong, can I have one more?"
"Kuya, pakitangal naman po ang takip so I can make sawsaw!"
"Ale, how much po the Banana cue? "

They're also likely to ride on public vehicles such as Jeepneys, MRT, LRT, taxi's and trikes. In fact, they are mostly noticed Conyo-ing on jeepneys more than any other places.

"Manong, here's my bayad, para lang po dyan sa may side."
A friend relates she heard of someone yell at the driver "Stop! Manong Stop!".
"Manong, what's time na in your watch? Hurry up naman please! Mali-late na ako."
And when with a friend, "Uy, later nalang yung change ha?". 
Funny lang diba?

There's also some instances that we are likely to relate Conyo-speak with Bakya-speak because of the way they're sometimes delivered. Just so you know, there's a big difference between the two. In most cases Conyo is spoken by people who can't speak straight in English. So instead of being stuck in the middle of their sentences they shift to Filipino to complete their thought. While Bakya-speaking people are those who doesn't know the English language well.

Here's a joke of an unknown origin about a Filipina mom scolding her son “I told you not to go to, but still you go to, now look at!" where she meant "Sinabi ko na sayo huwag kang pumunta, pumunta ka pa rin, ngayon tingnan mo!".

No doubt she was trying to say things in English just so people would think she's a conyo Mom.

Still, the Conyo trend have gone too widespread that even some people (who shall we say are poor) uses the language. Although most of them intends to mimic how the rich people talk and make fun of them. They're actually just trying to make a point by asking themselves "Can't they just talk normal?"

And in reflex, most Conyo people would justify themselves by calling the poor "Jologs".

"Hey, I'm not Conyo you're just Jologs!".

While it is sometimes annoying to hear some people using this lang, there's no doubt that we find it funny and creative as well. Over the years, the Filipino language and dialects have evolved creatively although at some point illogical and unnecessary too.

But I believe it just shows the creativity of Filipinos. We've been under the influences of American, Chinese, Japanese and Spaniards, we are rich in culture and we have lots of native dialects, now what's wrong about making new terms and creatively expressing yourself?

In fact, our creativity resulted to trends such as Jejemons, Bekemons, Texters' slang, and with the existence of Malls most especially Abreeza (here in Davao), is the rebirth of Conyo people we may want to call "Conyomons".(Pauso lang?) Hehehe.

But if you'll ask me which is more creative! To whether it is The Jejemons, Bekemons, Texters, Jologs or Conyo's? I would GO for the Conyo's because they never really fail to amuse the hell out of me. But if you can find me a Bakya-speaking Texter na Baklang Conyong Jejemon. Then I may reconsider.

Yes, Conyo people have creative tongues and they can be funny too! But that doesn't mean they can't be annoying most especially with people whose being "Conyo" doesn't fit well to their looks. Ika nga ni Lourd de Veyra, "Umasal Lamang Nang Ayon sa Ganda!". Enough said about them being annoying baka kasi may magdeclare world war "C"!

That's why for me Conyo people can be equally funny, creative and annoying. But what do you think? Are Conyo People funny, creative or just annoying? You have some funny conyo stories there? Kindly share. :)

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  1. If someone wants to be Conyo, tell them to at least act the part! Buy a car and stay away from jeepneys and other forms of public transportation!

    1. Hayaan mo na kuy, para may clown pa rin sa jeep!

  2. OMG like they're so uhm... nakakaburat to the highest level na!

    1. What does that mean?? O___O *sounds EWE* LOL

  3. Lol this one made my day. They are so irritating talaga especially yung mga girls na trying hard mag-English. Ang dami sa university namin. Lols. Conyo din pala.

    1. our university, mostly boys ang ganyan. Hahaha!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Sir Japh! hohoho.
      Walang Conyo dyan sa Vietnam?? :p

  5. the conyo's history actually goes back to the rich people hiring yayas from the province. The nouveau riche insisted that these yayas speak english to their kids regardless of the fact that these people never finished elementary. So these yayas communicate in broken english...And because these kids are always with their yayas than their parents, the yayas have more influence on these kids---one manifestation is the proliferation of carabao english that these "sosyal kids" use...

  6. This is my thesis title. HAHAHA :)

  7. "Let's make tusok the bola-bola" was a common phrase we used to say to mock them in our day. Back then we called them the Assumptionistas. Certainly they weren't limited to just students from that school. I didn't know what "conyo" meant until an old friend from high school used it. This is an interesting post, Mark.

  8. When did people start calling rich people "conyo"? Was it 5, 10, 20 years ago?