Project 366: Day 17 - Fashionable!

4:54 AM

Simply, fashionable!!
I think I'm the least fashionable guy you'll ever meet. I don't know fashion or if I look fashionable (at all), and I think I'll never be into fashion because it's not in my field of interest; But if you would consider someone walking around with cheap accessories, polo, fedora hat and slacks then I might just have a bit of fashion flair. Still, you imagine, for I couldn't really say I'm "IN"!!

That must have been why I felt a bit self-conscious as I walked inside Abreeza Activity Center last January 7, 2012. I mean, who wouldn't? When members of the DEFG (Davao Elite Fashion Group), fashion bloggers, local personalities, models, fashion-enthusiasts and the media were all there.

Even so, watching Abreeza's Runway Preview 2012 was something I know I'm not going to regret. Like, I was surrounded by beauties and hunks, models and punks, by bloggers and bunks but the best thing that surrounded me was - the sense of appreciation for creativity.

Abreeza's Runway Preview 2012 showcased creative styles and designs from popular couture designers namely Popoy Barba, Aztec Barba, Dodjie Batu, Edgar Buyan and Emi Englis. Although the collections presented were mix of all sorts, the candy-colored pieces caught my attention as modes strut the runway with elegance and passion.

And to give you just a glimpse of awesomeness from Abreeza Mall's fashion show. Enjoy the photos below from my generous friend, Renz!

Abreeza's Runway Preview 2012 was the first and biggest fashion show that we had in Davao City. It was first time to watch a fashion show and for me, It was sooo great! I'll never forget the experience. It was a remarkable night filled with fashion, glamour and paparazzi, of course!

Fashion Bloggers! Haha. I'm soo Pretentious! lelz

Shortly after, the Davao Bloggers team decided to head over to Red Kimono for dinner. Yumm..

Anyway, when I got home I got inspired by some of the weird make-up and pieces showcased during the show, that I made this illustration.

Okay ba?? Weird diba! 

Note: Okay, Career-rin ko na tong fashion post na to ha? Like how most fashion bloggers end their post.

♥ Love Lots! 

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  1. Amazing collection! I hope you feature mens jewelry NYC fashion show next time.

  2. me too, hindi ko alam pano maging fashionable. They often call me "manang"pa nga.e
    nice blog, btw.:)