Embraces 'Project 366'!

3:58 AM

I know a lot of bloggers would embrace the idea of running a "366 Day Project" but only a few would accomplish it because blogging-a-day has already been a tough challenge. Even so, to start this year with a BANG! I'm going to get myself into this kind of trouble and I hope I'll accomplish this till the challenge ends - NEXT YEAR!

To ease off the challenge I will keep every blog post short. The tough part here is that, as much as possible I have to come up with a doodle monster instead of a photo. Yes, this isn't like what you thought it would be. This 366 Project won't showcase any photographs (mostly) but will be featuring random artworks and mostly character designs.

Well, I'm not really good on character designs (especially on vector illustrations) but if I'll tell you that my doodly 2011 zodiac signs artwork was infringed by a footwear company then might as well be confident enough to push this project through. That's not quite of a good news though. :-D

My Project 366 will start right after this post!


Hey, you may wanna jump in and join me on this 366 bandwagon or something?? For now, one thing is clear - THE 336 Day CHALLENGE IS ON!!

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  1. Hahaha kapoy jud baya ang Project 365 (or 366 for this year). Good luck, and hopefully matapos mo yan!

  2. @Renz: Hahaha. WOW.. congrats pala sa Project 365 mo for 2011! Buti naman may success story akong narinig about this kind of project, kaya kakayanin ko to.hehehe. . Thanks!! :D

  3. had done it before. But yeah, sort of di natapos. there were few but hope this year's going to be fulfilled na.

  4. @Tim: Naks. Goodluck sa project mo. hehe :D