Project 366: Day 2 - Aquadon - The Water Dragon!

6:18 AM

Second day of 2012, and it's said to be the Year of the Black Water Dragon. I've always been fascinated of mythical creatures such as dragons. In fact, I consider their alleged existence the greatest mystery of all. But these days dragons are mostly considered guiding spirits, especially here in the Orient.

These dragons may seem to be vicious monsters in the West but here they symbolize power and protection. And since it's the year of the water dragon, although I am no Feng Shui expert I could say that the 2012 will bring good fortune.

My fear, however are the presence of calamities that involves water. It's scary and invokes notions of 2012 as the End of The World.

Here's Aquadon, a representation of the Water Dragon!!
I only had a glimpse of Aquadon for a couple of seconds
when the sky was lit up by lightning last night. You may
see him again on the 23rd of January! :-)
As of today, a low pressure area is currently heading towards Southern Mindanao and I've heard from the news that if ever it develops into a typhoon it's going to be called Typhoon Ambong and might be as dangerous as Sendong.

I'm praying for everyone's safety and I hope that the year of the water dragon will serve what it ought to serve - protection. Still, I'd like to remind you that there's nothing more comforting than the protection given by God. :-)

Well, the year have just started!! Let's all just be positive! :D

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  1. It's still the Year of the Rabbit. The Year of the Dragon doesn't start until January 23 :)

  2. I've been constantly monitoring the latest active LPA. Waaaa baka it's God's will kung ba't di tayo matuloy sa ComVal this weekend... kasi may bagyo!!!

  3. @Koya Andrew: Hahaha. I guess I time-leaped while writing this or something. Hahaha. :p Sige lang, the thing is 2012 is mostly the Year of The of the Water Dragon! :D

  4. @Renz: Oo nga din eh. Pero sayang, I was too excited for that trip pa naman! First Trip of the year, shelved. Sana may event this weekend and by second week of January, maka travel ako.

  5. good thing the LPA dissipated, but still the news really burst my bubble. Sige lang. Anyway, why not we shoot a video teaser nalang, of course gamit ang camera ni Juy :D

  6. @RM: Wow! Buti naman. Tama gawa nalang tayo ng video teaser, that would be awesome! :-D